Charlene Collins, in an attempt to dust out the cobwebs still within her mind, shook her head and rapidly blinked her eyes. The vibrational hum, the electric mist, and the ghost of her father, were now all gone. Replaced with a faint glow from the overhead lights, that reflected off the surgical white laboratory walls. Charlene glanced over to the plate glass window that kept the control room separate.

Lysergic Oldham was nowhere to be seen but in her place stood another figure. A figure Charlene had earlier seen through the mist, a figure very familiar to her. One she believed had just been another of her hallucinations. One she hoped WAS a figment of her imagination, but soon realized it wasn’t.

“Brian?” she confusedly asked, addressing her music comp teacher and boyfriend, who now stared back at her through the control room glass.

Brian Hibbs smiled, as he switched on the intercom.

“Hello, Char,” he replied.

Charlene was about to become ecstatic. ‘If Brian were really here,’ she thought, ‘and that crazy Lysergic was really gone, then maybe it was all finally over! Brian had come to rescue her!’ Something however, in the back of Charlene’s steadily clearing mind, told her not to jump to any sudden conclusions.

“Brian, what is going on?!” she nervously asked, “what are you doing here?!”

Hibbs grinned crookedly.

“Thought I’d just drop by to see how you’re doing,” he nonchalantly replied.

“Well, babe,” Charlene said, wondering why her boyfriend seemed so calm, “as you can see things are perfectly peachy! Now please get me outta here!”

Hibbs smiled once again.

“Can’t do that, honey,” he replied, “you’re no longer my responsibility.”

“What in the hell are you talking about?!” Charlene asked, with a subtle anger tingeing within her voice.

“I’m guess what I’m saying is,” Hibbs chuckled, “I’m here to break up with you!”

“What?!” Charlene was now totally confused. She began to think she was stuck in another hallucination.

“Look, Char,” Hibbs began, “you’re a sweet girl. But a healthy relationship is based on trust and in our case trust has become an issue.”

“Trust?!” Charlene asked, “what are you saying? You can’t trust me?!”

“Oh, not at all, darling,” Hibbs laughed, “you’re one of the most trustworthy girls I’ve ever met. No, its me you can’t trust. You see, I was paid off to get you to that library, which would lead to your snatching, which would bring you here!”

Everything was happening so fast, Charlene couldn’t comprehend it all!

“Paid off?!” she incredulously asked, “you mean the last few weeks was all a sham? All a set up?!”

“Afraid so, sweetie,” Hibbs replied, “but let me assure you, I really enjoyed this job. There’s no doubt about it, you’re one very beautiful woman!”

“And you’re one very sleazy jerk!!” Charlene cried out.

Hibbs laughed, “Oh, well!”

Charlene then let out a slew of profanities directed towards her new ex-“boyfriend”.

Suddenly, the door to the lab opened as Lysergic Oldham walked back in.

“Well, gotta go now, Char,” Hibbs said, “nice knowin ya. For what its worth, you were great!”

“ITS WORTH NOTHING!!!” Charlene screamed.

“Oh, its worth $25,000 to me after you were successfully delivered,” Hibbs grinned, “I’m now going to go and collect my fee. Bye, Char.”

“HOPE YOU DIE, YOU ************!!!” Charlene screamed between the anger and the tears.

Hibbs flipped off the intercom switch, as Charlene watched him exit the control room. Within just a matter of minutes, she had been sold out and tossed away by someone she had really cared for.

‘How much worse could it get?!’ she wondered.

Charlene then glanced over to see Lysergic Oldham standing nearby.

“So tell me, Bitch!!” Lysergic asked, “who were you talking to when you were in that Magnetic field?!”

Charlene then realized it could get worse, alot worse.

Next: Chap. Sixteen “Something to do with Falling Stars”

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