Within the confined laboratory walls, the electro-magnetic vibrations were becoming so loud, Charlene Collins felt like her head was going to explode! The copper coils, that snaked across the ceiling, glowed golden, as it created an intense field that began to engulf her!

Her thoughts were becoming scrambled. Her vision blurry. She could barely see Lysergic Oldham behind the protective control room window. The humming continued, as it vibrated off the lab walls, intensifying the sound ten fold.

Charlene screamed out in pain and fear but her screams were absorbed by the vibrations of the hum. She glanced once again towards the control room. Lysergic continued to work the levers and switches but Charlene saw another figure next to her. It seemed Lysergic wasn’t alone in the control room.

Charlene, however, didn’t trust her lying eyes. For she swore the person she saw standing next to Lysergic was her boyfriend, Brian Hibbs! He was smiling, as he engaged in some type of conversation with Lysergic.

‘No,’ Charlene blurrily thought, ‘that can’t be him! This is all just an hallucination. It’s all just a result of some magic mixture of magnetism and drugs, courtesy of that sadistically spaced out witch!’

A glowing mist slowly began to form within the lab, obscuring her view of the control room. Charlene thought she saw movement within that mist. Shadows and shapes that drifted in and out of the electric fog. Shadows and shapes that appeared to be moving towards her!

Suddenly, the mist cleared and the humming stopped. The sudden silence now seemed just as deafening to Charlene, as her ears rang in pain. She noticed, out of the corner or her eye, a solitary, shadowy figure, standing nearby.

‘Brian?!’ she thought.

She quickly glanced over. The figure nodded and smiled. She blinked her eyes twice, in disbelief.

‘Oh, now I know I’m hallucinating!’ she thought, as the figure approached.

She had never met this figure that now stood before her, but she easily recognized him. She had seen his likeness in pictures and on some old music DVD’s her mom had collected.

For standing right in front of her was Charlie Pace, her deceased father!

Next: Chap. Twelve “The Charlie Pace Revival”

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