“Mr. Hibbs to see you, sir,” the secretary’s voice announced over the intercom.

Brian Hibbs, professor of music composition at Miskatonic University, as well as, crook, con man, cad, and, up until a few moments ago, Charlene Collins’s boyfriend, walked into the office of Anton Werner Mittlewerk.

“Mr. Hibbs!” Anton enthusiastically greeted, “you’ve delivered what you had promised and I am very pleased.”

“Thanks,” Hibbs replied, “I hope you’re pleased enough to have my fee “for services rendered” ready.”

“Of course, of course,” Anton answered, reaching into the top drawer of his desk and taking out an envelope.

“You have honored your part of our business arrangement,” Anton said, “and I hope this will honor mine!”

Anton handed over the envelope. Hibbs opened it, glanced inside, smiled, then placed it in his coat pocket.

“Honors all around, I’d say,” Hibbs replied, “this should help the bottom line of my bank balance. By the way, if you ever need my “talents” again for any other “jobs” please do not hesitate to call.”

“I would never hesitate for a second in dealing with you, Mr. Hibbs,” Anton smiled, “now if you will excuse me, I have many other projects I must attend to.”

Hibbs nodded, turned, and left. As soon as he was gone, Anton picked up the phone and made a quick call down to the lab.

“Bakunin,” he sternly ordered, “send Ms. Oldham up to see me. I have a “special” assignment I need for her to take care of as soon as possible!”

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