“We’d just make up names for the stars. Like that one up there is Ursa Theodorous..the teddy bear constellation.”--Karl Martin

Sometimes, late at night, they would secretly meet. They would hold hands and stare at the night sky. They didn’t always talk, they didn’t have to. Just being together, unwatched for a few hours, seemed enough. Some nights they would sneak down to the beach and watch the surf. Alex would stare out across the sea.

“We’ve got to make a plan, Karl,” she said. “A plan for what?” Karl replied. “To get out of here,” Alex frustratingly answered, “my life just sucks here! There’s a whole world out there I’m missing!” Karl nodded in agreement, “but how would we ever get out of here? I mean, your father, and about all the others, keep an eye on you all the time! And whenever I show up, if I just even take a glance at you, I end up in the polar bear cages!” “My father is afraid,” Alex said. “Afraid of what?” Karl asked. “Afraid you’ll…you know…uh, well, he’s afraid I’ll get pregnant!” Alex answered, “besides, my father, nor anyone else, watches me ALL the time!” Alex looked into Karl’s eyes and coyly smiled. Karl’s face began to turn red! “So Alex, how do we escape?” he said, getting back to the subject at hand.

“Well,” Alex replied, “maybe we could, like, stowaway in a cargo hold the next time the sub shows up!” “But we’d have to hide in there for maybe weeks after the sub leaves!” Karl said. “Well, we could stock up on food and stuff!” she noted. “What about going to the restroom?” Karl embarrassingly asked. “Never thought about that!” she giggled, “that’s why we have to work together, Karl. Make a foolproof plan!” She then leaned over and gently kissed him. Suddenly, they found themselves in the bright beam of a flashlight.

“Alex! Karl! You kids know you’re not supposed to be out here this late!” It was Tom. “We were just getting ready to leave,” Alex innocently answered. Tom shut the flashlight off. “Tell you what,” he smiled, “I’m heading up the beach. If you both go back to your homes by the time I get back in about ten minutes, I won’t say anything to Ben!” “Thanks, Tom!” Alex replied, as she and Karl got up to leave. Tom nodded and walked on. “We’ll start working on a plan first thing tomorrow morning,” Alex whispered, as they headed back to the settlement. Karl nodded, as he took a hold of her hand. “For the first time in a long time,” Karl said, “I’ve got a good feeling about all of this!” Alex smiled, “Yeah, so do I! Because once we get off this island, our lives will really begin!” The End. Next Story: “The Session”

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