Lost Characters we hardly knew

Here are some Lost characters I thought were going to be more important to the story or I had hoped they would be....

Matthew Abaddon: Cool and creepy. Disappointed Ben so easily knocked him off.

Ray Shephard: Jack's grandfather seemed to know more than he let on but I guess he was just a plot device to get Christin's shoes.

Caesar: WTF? One moment he's sneaking around looking at maps. Next he is shot by Ben. What a waste.

Lennon:What a waste of time. A translator for a guy who can speak English but doesn't like to?

Dogen: Another cool guy played by a Japanese superstar and this is the respect he gets?

Naomi Dorrit: Tough, hot babe and she gets knifed by Locke? She deserved better.

Captain Gault: Built up as a mysterious tough guy. (Frank: You don't want to meet the Captain) turns out to be kind of a wimp.

Cindy Chandler: I'd like to know why she was so adaptable to the Others.

Oldham: Another cool and creepy guy. Too bad was only in one episode.

Hanso and the Degroot's: I had hoped they would have been featured in the show beyond a mention in passing on an orientation film.

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