God throws the dice before deciding the result--Einstein 'Charles Widmore' continued sipping his MacCutheon whiskey, while continuing his conversation with Desmond Hume. "You're in pretty good "shape" 'Charles' for a "man" pushing his hundreds," Desmond sarcastically said. "Yes," 'Widmore replied, "with all the scientific advancements in life extension, living past 100 is not that uncommon these days. Especially, for a "man" of wealth like me." "Why," Desmond asked, "after all these years, did some of your kind decide to imitate the Oceanic and Ajira survivors?" "Practicality," 'Widmore' replied, "we had good residual knowledge of them and no one else even remembers them anymore. Most of the survivors are now dead or insane anyway! Locked in your mental institutional prison! I obviously chose to imitate Widmore, so I could have access to his money and power. He came to that island secretly for his nefarious agenda, so when he died I took his place and arranged a rescue. Having power allowed me to control the media. Time passed, no one cared. Too many other stories for the media to cover for an audience with an ever shortening attention span. If some independent reporter ever did come around sniffing for a story, well, he or she soon just "disappeared!" I semi-retired, so I wouldn't attract any more attention. Now, we are infiltrating society at alarming rates!" Desmond shook his head, "I thought we had eliminated the source of evil on that island years ago!" "There are many sources in this world, both dark and light!" 'Widmore replied, "you only eliminated one! Nevertheless, we will soon outnumber you. We're attracting more planes and ships to our sources. We can infect more humans, who will eventually get rescued and re-enter society to spread the virus! So, its all over for humanity. It has been decided!" "Decided by who? God?" Desmond asked. 'Widmore' laughed, "Why you, of all people, should know about destiny and fate! Your God threw you to the wolves, didn't He? Your fate has finally been decided! You're to die right here! right now!" Desmond laughed, "I don't think God has really made any decision yet, except the one where you go back to Hell!" Suddenly, Desmond noticed some movement to his left. 'Kate Austen' had walked into the room. "Oh, the Bitch is back!" Desmond said, "and how is the new arm?" "Mind your manners, boy!" 'Widmore' angrily said. 'Kate smiled, "Security reports some activity just outside the perimeter!" "What kind of activity?" 'Widmore' asked. "Soldiers," 'Kate replied, "Lamp Post. Setting up equipment. Don't know what kind." 'Widmore' smirked, "We knew they would try something!" "What are you going to do with him?" 'Kate asked. 'Widmore' smiled, "Oh, I'm getting bored! I'll quickly end this conversation and kill him!" Desmond laughed to himself. If the Lamp Post commandoes were setting up what he thought they were, then the end was near! Very near! Next Chap. 13 "The Tesla Manueuver"

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