He was the mildest mannered man...that ever cut a throat--Byron. 'Charles Widmore' basked in the applause. As he stood before the podium, he acknowledged the enthusiastic crowd with a look of power and contempt. Of pity and hate. The Tracker moved to the other side of the room. He knew this was more than just another economic speech. This was the rallying cry. Right here, right now, it would begin! The Tracker guessed that over half in the crowd were not human. That each had some portion of the sickness and were ready to release it when the Widmore copy gave the order! The Tracker could wait no longer! He spoke quietly into his polynet phone. "Pompeii" was all he said. Then he moved toward the stage. His hand on the .454 nestled in his black leather shoulder holster. 'Charles Widmore' spoke of the future. Spoke of miracles. Spoke of how, 40 years ago, he had become marooned on an island. How he had miraculously survived and was miraculously rescued. How he realized life was so precious and that he had needed to step back and step down from his previous fast paced, corporate life. That he could change the world quietly, as he himself was changed on that island, so many years ago. The Tracker knew it was all lies! The real Widmore was long ago dead! This 'Widmore' was changed alright! He was nothing more than an imitation, an entity of evil, and he was going to change the world by setting into motion the process for its eventual destruction! The Tracker positioned himself close to the stage. The crowd, human and non-human alike, were so focused on the 'man' that stood before them, that the Tracker moved in with ease. He waited for his cue, too. The Pompeii Maneuver was in place and was about to be executed. Suddenly, he heard screams, as thick ash poured into the room from the overhead air ducts! The Lamp Post commandoes had landed on the roof and were pumping the darkened particles in! The ash covered the room like a tidal wave! The crowd made a run for the exits! Only the humans made it out! The ash seared into 'Widmore's' fleeing demons! They screamed out in agony, as their flesh melted off their bones! The Tracker pulled out the .454 and took aim at 'Widmore', who stood under the eave of the stage, untouched by the ash. But before the Tracker could fire, 'Kate Austen' appeared and hustled 'Widmore' off the stage and towards a backstage exit! The Tracker followed, jumping over many melting demons, who were weakly moaning out in pain, as their dissolving flesh formed puddles that quickly evaporated! He caught a glimpse of 'Austen' and 'Widmore' rushing the exit! He followed and saw them jump into a sedan. The Tracker took aim and fired! The sedan's back window disintegrated, as the car spun around and came rushing at him! He quickly leaped out of the way, as the vehicle narrowly missed him! As the car sped away, however, the Tracker pulled out a small pistol and fired at the back of the receding vehicle! The bullet-like transmitter-locator sealed itself on the car's bumper! "Widmore' and 'Austen' may have escaped but the Tracker knew they wouldn't get away! Next Chap. 10 "Ascending Dragon"

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