The line seperating good and evil passes...through every human heart-- Solzhenitsyn. The World Economic Conference began. The various meetings commenced. The Tracker wandered. Through the halls, past the meeting rooms. Ever watchful. Ever alert. Who? Who is the Master? Where? The Tracker listened to the speeches. Scanned the committees. The hours dragged by. Although, he had acquired 23 vials of the sickness from 'Kate Austen', he knew there had to be more vials somewhere out there and sometime during this conference they would strike! He had communicated with Lamp Post Station and had informed Shauna Hawking. Backup was coming. A plan was in place. They would wait for his command. Suddenly, he heard the introduction of a speaker, as he passed by conference room 42. There was something familiar about the biography being presented. Just a gnawing in the back of The Tracker's mind. He immediately entered the room and watched from the back. The committee was discussing the economic impact of world diseases and how to understand the patterns of outbreak. The host was introducing the next speaker. The Tracker scanned the stage. He noticed movement, just off stage. He caught a glimpse of a petite brunette. 'Kate Austen'! "Our next guest," the host intoned, "is a man very aware of global influences and patterns. Until his semi-retirement years ago, after disappearing in the South Pacific for several months and being given up for dead then his miraculous recovery and return, was CEO of one of the largest international conglomerates on the global market. Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. Charles Widmore!" The Tracker smiled. So here was the elusive Master! Now all he had to do was kill him! Next Chap. 9 "The Pompei Manuever"

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