All warfare is based on deception-- Sun Tzu. 'Kate Austen' knocked the .454 out of The Tracker's hand with a swift kick! The Tracker pulled out the steel baton with his other hand and connected hard across her neck! No reaction. She just stood and laughed. "I always thought a Tracker was cunning," she cried out, "but you are stupid and pathetic!" She began to shape shift into the dark vapor! The Tracker imediately moved back to give more space between him and the smoke, as well as more time. The Vapor snaked around the room, the eerie rattling sound echoing off the walls. It paced back and forth. The Tracker spotted his .454 behind the couch. So did the Vapor, as it slithered in front of the gun. The Vapor struck quickly, grabbing The Tracker and throwing him high into the ceiling then dropping him hard onto the floor! The Tracker, although stunned, managed to quickly rise to his feet and reach into his pocket, just as the Vapor circled back and started to rush him with a roaring force! He took out a pouch of ash and spread it quickly into a semi-circle in front of him! The Vapor halted, as if it had hit an invisible wall! It groaned in anger! The Tracker took a small metal tube off his belt. He flipped a lever at the back of the tube which instantaneously sprayed a thick mist of ash! The Vapor screeched in pain and immediately receded to the opposite side of the room! The Tracker jumped out of the semi-circle and grabbed the .454! The Vapor shape shifted back into the image of 'Kate Austen'! He took aim but 'Kate' grabbed the attache case with the vials and quickly exited the room! The Tracker followed! 'Kate' ran down the hall, entering a side exit! He rushed through the exit and spotted her moving rapidly down the stairs! The Tracker fired! The .454's blast ecohed painfully within the stairwell's walls! He now moved cautiously. He found the attache case with 'Kate's' arm still attached! He had partially hit his target! The rest of her had escaped! She would regenerate another arm. He ran down the stairs and exited outside the hotel. Nothing. She had escaped. But he did have the vials and he had another piece of information. The Master would be at the conference but who is the Master? Next Chap. 8 "The Master"

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