Woe to the land shadowing with wings...that send Ambassadors by the sea--Isaiah 18:1-2. The Tracker walked past room 408. Two men, dressed in black, stood at the end of the hall. Security. They watched him intensely, as he approached. "Could we help you, sir?" one asked. The Tracker smiled, as he pulled out a black steel baton and smashed in their faces with one quick easy move! The Tracker walked back to 408 and with the .454 drawn, kicked in the door! He expected to confront more security but instead, found a very surprised, very pretty, petite brunette sitting on a couch with a black attache case on her lap. The Ambassador! "Who in the hell are you?!" she screamed, as she started to reach for a security alarm remote control. The Tracker quickly knocked the remote out of her hand and pushed her back onto the couch, pressing the .454 hard against her lightly freckled nose. She held up her hands in surrender but now spoke with calm confidence. "What do you want?" she asked. The Tracker was amused, "Don't be naive, I know who you are and what you are!" She shook her head, "You don't know who I am! You don't know what I am!" "Are you still going to pretend you're Kate Austen?" The Tracker asked. 'Kate' laughed, "Pretend? I have all of her emotions! I have all of her essence! I also have her poor, misguided soul! But without the guilt! I am as much Kate Austen as Kate herself ever was, in fact, I'm better!" The Tracker laughed, "New and improved, huh? Well, either way, you're still an evil, deceitful bitch!" 'Kate' smirked, "I figured one of your kind would come around sooner or later! Now, are you going to make me look at a dumb stone, then ask me stupid questions, or are you just going to kill me outright? What's it going to be?" He nodded towards the attache case. "What's in it?" he asked. "23 vials of virus," she replied. "I appreciate your honesty," he said. "Why should I lie?" she asked, "dignitaries from around the world are going to be here for this conference. It provides us with the perfect opportunity to infect as many as we can!" The Tracker grabbed the attache. "I do have another question," he asked, "who gives you your orders? Who is your Master?" She replied devilishly, "If you could hang around for this conference, you'd find out. He is going to be here!" "And why wouldn't I hang around?" The Tracker asked. 'Kate Austen' smiled. "Because I am going to kill you first!" Next Chap. 7 "Ash and Smoke"

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