There is no saint without a past. No sinner without a future-- Persian Proverb The Tracker sat in his hotel room and stared out the window. It was late. He started to drift off but it would not be a peaceful sleep. It never was. The nightmares came. His past materialized. Over the years, he had developed a knack for killing. A complete natural. Good with the tools of death. Guns, knives, clubs, and hands. How many had he killed? He had lost count. So many that is was all just a blur. It is a fine art to take a life. A fine artist to do the task professionally. He had no feelings, no regrets for what he did. He took an assignment and completed it. He never asked why, just who, where, and when. Then he dreamed about that one day long ago. He had taken three soldiers on a training mission. To an island. The Chinook copter dropped them off onto the beach and would return in 23 hours. It happened the very first day. They had ventured deep into the jungle. The GPS suddenly died. They were lost. They heard a strange noise. An eerie rattling sound! He had known that sound, so he immediately advised the soldiers to get the hell out of there! Melendez thought he saw something but wasn't sure. Taylor said she did see something! A dark shape! Following them! Circling them! Passing them! Riley opened fire! It came at them with a vengeance! The dark vapor sliced Riley in half! His upper torso kept firing and screaming as he was dragged away! Melendez ran into the jungle after him! Soon, what was left of Melendez came running back and collapsed! Taylor panicked! He told her to keep calm and set up a defensive position, so they could quickly move back out of the jungle. They eventually managed to make it to the beach and to radio for evacuation. No response! The signal was blocked by electro-magnetic interference. So they waited. By nightfall, he turned to check on Taylor but she had disappeared! He kept low. Near the jungle edge by some Banyan trees. The next morning, Taylor came casually walking in. Said she was alright. There was nothing to be afraid of. He knew it wasn't Taylor and there was plenty to be afraid of! He looked into her eyes. Vacant! Soulless! They were the eyes of darkness! When he refused to go back into the jungle with her, she made her move! With a knife! She deeply sliced his face, at a 45 degree angle! He was able to deflect her other jabs and managed to fire several shots into her chest! She just stood there and laughed then disapeared back into the jungle! He saw the dark vapor again. Just within the jungle line. Circling and circling! Waiting for him, once again! He didn't sleep for the next 23 hours when the Chinook returned. He filed his report. He wasn't believed. He was soon discharged. He drank to try and forget, once again! Then, one day, he met his savior at a bar. She was attractive, said her name was Shauna Hawking. He just smiled and nodded and thought of fate, once again. She was aware of his report, his skills, and his past. She offered him a job. He accepted. So he was once again reborn. Working for a secretive organization called Lamp Post. He still killed. But what he now killed wasn't human! For he had looked into the eyes of darkness and knew what it was capable of and he prayed he would be capable of stopping it, once and for all! Next Chap. 6 "Ambassador Austen"

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