I have not followed the paths of other men-- Miyamoto Musashi. Tokyo. A spiritual darkness permeated the city. An evil lurked, down the street, through a back alley, up a shadowy staircase, which led to a small dank room. The curtains are closed, to block the intense city lights that created a dull glow reflecting off the rainy night sky. In the middle of the room, on a wooden stool, sat a dark haired, young man of Asian descent. He said his name was Miles Straum. He was part of the security team at the economic conference that Ambassador Katherine Austen was to attend. The Tracker knew it wasn't Straum and that it would not make it to the economic conference in time. In fact, it would not make it there at all! It now stared hypnotically at the glowing stone that dangled in front of its face. The .454 was held tightly to its forehead. It spoke slowly, softly, and forcefully. "Shaolin Hotel....Room 408....!" The stone is taken away and put back into The Tracker's coat pocket. The Tracker stepped slowly away, keeping the gun pointed at the Straum copy's head. Its eyes blinked, then it looked up at The Tracker and smiled. "You're on the wrong side, Scarface!" it said, "give up and join us! That is the only way you're going to live!" "I'm not much of a follower," The Tracker replied. The Straum copy laughed, sending a chill down The Tracker's spine. "You are a follower, you jerk!" it said, "you're doing the bidding for that Hawking bitch! When are you going to wake up out of your own hypnotic trance and face the inevitable truth? Its going to be over soon for all of you! You realize that, don't you scum?" The Tracker just smiled. He had all the info he was going to get, so the Straum copy was now useless to him. "Goodbye, asshole!" The Tracker said, as he casually fired the .454. 'Straum's' head pulverized into a mist of blood, bone, and brains, that splattered against the back wall, just as the rain began to splatter against the back window! A large clap of thunder echoed outside. The Tracker distributed the ash, silently exited the room, quickly moved down the stairs, and stepped out into the heavy rain. He headed toward the Shaolin Hotel, where he instinctively knew an impending evil awaited him! Next Chap. 5 "Eyes of Darkness"

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