Behold, I tell you a mystery; we shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed--1 Corinthians 15:51. MEMO TO: S. Hawking, Lamp Post Station Director. DATE: July, 2050. FROM: Dr. D. Oldham, Lamp Post Medical Director. SUBJECT: Infection Probability. STATUS: Classified. Unknown virus (Subjective name "The Sickness") first discovered one year after mysterious return of Ajira Flight 316 over forty years ago. Although our program of "Infection Assassination" has been successful, over the years, in eliminating infected entities, attempts to track down and pinpoint the source of the virus has been unsuccessful. Within the last year, however, in conjunction with an increase in electro-magnetic outbursts around the globe, a measurable increase in "sickness" incidents has attracted our attention. It is our understanding that the "sickness" can incubate within the infected subject, assimilate within the subject's molecular structure. This assimilation will drive subjects eventually insane, with a tendency toward ultra violence. The infected subject can physically change at will and imitate another being it has gained psychological knowledge of or from. The being's structure can also break down, at will, into a dark, vapor like substance. This substance has powers bordering on the supernatural and is to be considered extremely dangerous. It is of this Doctor's opinion, that the original source of infection arrived on the Ajira 316 flight. The probability that one or more of the six people on that flight were infected: 75%. If the "sickness" proves to be a "para-natural" phenomena and continues to mutate at the present rate, based upon our computer projections, using the Spider Protocol procedure, the probability of over half the civilized world becoming infected within the next 3-4 years: 83.5%. If, as I believe, the virus is being purposely introduced and guided by individuals already infected, then the time frame of mass infection is less than one year. Next: Chap. 3 "Lamp Post Station"

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