...Who is like the Beast, and who can fight against it?--Revelations 13:4. Amsterdam. Nov. 2050. He didn't find her, so he couldn't kill her. The girl's apartment was empty, so he found a back alley and silently emerged onto the damp sidewalk. It is Fall. Cold, with a wet fog that clung to the street. At this late hour, the few people out were just lost souls and, like the world itself, near the end of times. He walked amongst them. Just another shadowy figure. His swept back, longish silver hair, just touched the shoulders of his black trench coat. A deep scar ran, at a 45 degree angle, across his weathered face. He sensed, however, she was near! So very near! Suddenly, he saw her! Inside a Fortune telling shop! The blonde! The beautiful blonde beckoned him in! She smiled. "I can tell you're a man who is very interested in the future!" she coyly said. "Of course," he replied, "the future is all I've got!" She nodded, then sat down behind a table and took out some Tarot cards. "Please sit," she told him, "and I will reveal to you the secrets of what is yet to come!" He sat across from her. "And what is your name, pretty one?" he flirtatiously asked. She looked up. "Claire Littleton," she replied. "Claire Littleton!?" he said, "no, you're not Claire Littleton! You're a good imitation, but you're not Claire Littleton!" "Who are you?' she suspiciously asked. "I just want to know," he said, "where are you keeping the vial?" "I don't know what you're talking about!" she nervously replied. "Oh, I think you do know, Bitch!" he said, as he quickly pulled a .454 handgun out of his trench coat and leveled it at her! "WHERE IS THE VIAL!!??" he yelled. "I should of known they'd send a Tracker," she said, smiling coldly. He reached into his pocket and took out a glowing white stone and held it in front of her face. "I'm not going to fall for any of your hypno-tricks!" she wickedly said, as she tried to look away, but the stone's effect was too powerful! "Now. One more time," he calmly said, "where is the vial?" She stared into the stone's glow. "Amulet!" she hypnotically replied. The Tracker noticed a black amulet around her neck. He tore it off and held it up to the light. Its crystal like appearance revealed a dark substance inside. "Very good," he said, "last question. Who gives you your orders?" She looked at him with soulless eyes. Suddenly, she shoved him hard against the wall! Grabbing the lapels of his coat, she threw him, head over heels, into the opposite side of the room! Momentarily stunned, he quickly took aim and fired! The shot grazed her! She screamed like a banshee! Her blue eyes turned black! Her face to pure evil! She started to shape shift into the dark vapor for the kill but he fired again, three time in rapid succession! Her head exploded, as the three banyan root bullets hit their mark! The now headless body toppled over onto the floor! Reaching into another pocket, he took out a handful of ash that quickly dissolved the remains. He then calmly walked out of the shop and into the thickening night fog. He had succeeded in eliminating the Claire copy and had recovered another vial, but had failed to gather the most important piece of information and The Tracker knew Ms. Hawking would not be pleased! Next: Chap. 2 "Probability Report"

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