The future is just the past returning through another gate-- Arnold Glasow. The Lamp Post commandoes secured the area and had discovered a large cache of vials containing the sickness. Shauna Hawking had just arrived and spoke with Dr. David Oldham, medical director for Lamp Post, who was already at the scene. "What happened to Hume?" she asked. "All we found was his .454!" Oldham replied, "there was no trace of him! I believe he may have had just one too many blasts of EM! If so, who knows where he may be, in this time or beyond!" May God have mercy on his soul!" Hawking smiled, "My Aunt Eloise always used to say that God gives us the illusion of free will so we will always think our fate is our own! I think Desmond would of agreed with her. After all, he always seemed to be a man who acccepted his fate, no matter what or where it was!" Suddenly, the Sun's rays broke through the dispersing darkened clouds. Only a slight rumble of thunder echoed in the distance. Shauna Hawking hoped this was a sign of success, a sign of victory. She knew, however, they had won only the battle. The war was still on! Evil was still out there and the future of the entire world would always depend upon people like Desmond Hume to root it out and destroy it! Hawking prayed for their success! The End.

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