How do you shoot the devil in the back? What if you miss?--Kaiser Solchay. Desmond Hume felt the pulse. Very faint at first. Very low frequency, but he knew. 'Charles Widmore' and 'Kate Austen' did not. As they continued to discuss what they were going to do about the developing situation outside, Desmond eyed the .454 in the center of the table. He calculated the time it should take the commandoes to set up the generators. The time it would take to calibrate them. The time it would take to direct the beams and the time it would take to trigger the pulses. Desmond prepared for the first wave to hit. He figured it would come...right....about...NOW! The first pulse of electro-magnetic energy hit fast and furious! Desmond immediately leaped for the .454 before it went flying toward the wall! He grabbed the gun and a pouch of ash, as a high-pitched piercing sound, painfully penetrated his ears! All metal objects in the room went flying toward the east wall where, outside, the beams were originating! The Tesla Maneuver was now in full effect! 'Widmore' held his ears and grimaced! 'Kate' made a dash for the door! Desmond quickly took aim and fired! The Banyan root bullet tore through her back, leaving a gaping hole! She fell to the floor, withering in pain! Desmond stood over her, keeping the .454 pointed at her head! "I guess you're not better than the original," Desmond yelled, over the screeching pulses, "the real Kate Austen would have managed to escape long ago! You disgrace her memory!" 'Kate Austen' smiled coldly at Desmond, "You disgrace the human race!" she replied. Desmond smiled back, as he poured the ash out of the pouch. 'Kate' said not another word, as the ash quickly pulverized her skin and bones! Desmond then immediately turned his attention back to 'Widmore', who was trying desperately to shape shift into the vapor. The electro-magnetic pulses were disrupting his molecular structure and containing his energy! He looked over at Desmond. "Its not over yet, Hume!" he angrily said. Desmond smiled. "Oh, yes it is!" he said, as he took aim and fired! 'Widmores head exploded into a billion pieces that sparkled in the electro-magnetic beams like fireflies in the night! Desmond walked over to 'Widmores headless body and poured out the remaining ash. Then he suddenly felt weak! He knew what was happening! Too much exposure to the EM beams. He felt dizzy! He sat down on the couch, dropping his .454 on the floor! He felt lost! He was slipping! Slipping out of time! Then Desmond disappeared! Next Chap. 14 "Epilogue"

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