To take arms against a sea of trouble--Shakespeare. Four black Comanche copters hugged the treetops, as they headed north from Tokyo. The Tracker was in the lead copter. The range finder indicated that the sedan carrying 'Widmore' and 'Austen' had stopped just outside of Tokyo and they had boarded a private bullet train. The train zigzagged its way toward Nikko, Japan. Indications were that if Nikko was their final destination, they should reach it within 108 minutes. The three other Comanche copters carried the Lamp Post commandoes that had injected the ash into the conference room destroying 'Widmore's' demons. The Tracker spoke to Shauna Hawking via his polynet phone. "We're keeping the train in sight!" he said. "Keep your distance," Hawking replied, "until we find out exactly where they are going!" The polynet connection dissolved, as the Tracker kept watch. 101 minutes later, the train veered off the main track and onto a private track that took it west, through a lush forest of suji trees, just outside of Nikko. The train appeared to be heading towards a private temple near Lake Chuzenji-ko. When it arrived, 'Widmore' and 'Austen' departed and entered a shrine temple through its Yomei-gan gate. The Comanche copters circled back and held their positions. The Tracker's lead copter landed a half mile from the shrine. He would walk from there for a look-see, as the commandoes stood by for further orders. He worked his way through the thick forest, finally arriving outside the temple perimeter. A fine mist was begining to develop. The Tracker approached the shrine wall cautiously. He moved along the side of the wall, looking for some type of entrance and looking out for any type of security. He soon found both! Just as he came across a keyaki wood gate and started to slowly and silently push it aside, he suddenly felt a slight sting on his neck! He discovered a miniature dart! Everything quickly became a blur, as he heard voices and saw images approaching. He found himself being taken inside the compound. Then nothing! When he awoke, he was laying on a couch, staring at a painted ceiling depicting the image of a nobori-ryu or Ascending Dragon. He heard a voice. "Are you awake?" The Tracker groggily sat up and looked toward the direction of the voice. When his eyes finally focused, he saw, standing before him, the Master! The Charles Widmore copy! "So you've been sent to kill me, huh?" 'Widmore' sarcastically said, "you look so familiar to me." "Its residual memory from the original Widmore," the Tracker replied. 'Widmore' then grinned, "Yes, I do remember you! Well, at least Charles Widmore, rest his greedy, pathetic soul, knew you! I remember he always thought you were a loser! I agree! After all, I was expecting someone, shall I say, more professional! You were so easily caught! Ms. 'Austen' said you were pathetic! So what do you have to say, Mr. Tracker? Or should I say, Mr. Desmond Hume!" Desmond, with all the strength he could muster, smiled and said, "I'd say you're all near the end of your time!" Next Chap. 11 "The MacCutcheon Discussion"

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