A light rain began to fall, as Lysergic Oldham approached the docks. Dozens of warehouses, most appearing abandoned, dotted the shore. The river, long ago polluted by industrial waste, gave off a pungent acidy smell. Near a crooked bend, stood the lighthouse.

Its beacon long dark and its tower cracked and faded, Lysergic felt it still seemed to have some type of dignity (if buildings could have such a thing) as it stood tall and proud amongst the other decaying structures.

She shut the Thunderbolt bike off and coasted to a silent stop. Finding an old railway box car parked on a ruptured track with the loading ramp still attached, she pushed her bike up the ramp and on into the boxcar to hide it from view.

Lysergic checked the .454, then jumped down off the ramp and headed towards the lighthouse. The rain picked up, so she hurriedly took cover under the overhanging eves of some supply store that no longer carried any supplies.

She moved silently along the edge of the building, towards some type of office/store that was adjacent to the light house. She figured she’d check that first.

The windows had long ago been boarded up, so she couldn’t find a way to peek in. She tried the door. Locked. She moved further down, until she came across an old wooden double hatch door, that appeared to lead into some kind of basement. Of course, it too was locked.

Lysergic was surprised however, when she touched the lock, that it just fell apart in her hand, apparently being so old and rusty and such. She quietly swung open the half door and noticed steps leading down into the darkness, so she slowly moved down the stairs.

It was pitch black, as she stepped cautiously, occasionally stopping to listen to hear if anyone was coming, or going, or nearby. She heard nothing, so she stepped on. Suddenly, in the dark, she noticed something. One of the amulets that Teresa Malkin had given her was glowing. The blue one, but Lysergic couldn’t remember what the blue one was supposed to do!

‘Now what was that lame poem Teresa chanted?’ Lysergic thought. Suddenly, she remembered.

“The power of blue, will always alert you!” she mumbled.

Just as soon as she recited the chant, she tripped over something strung across the stair way! A wire.

Lysergic fell down the last few steps, coming to a hard thump at the bottom of the stairs! She was shaken but not stirred.

“Have a nice trip,” she said to herself, “see ya next fall!” But she had now lost the .454.

Suddenly, she heard something come crashing down around her! It sounded like steel on steel, but it was still so dark, she couldn’t see a thing. Just then, the room was bathed in light!

Lysergic’s eyes rapidly tried to adjust but before she could see anything, she heard a whiny, irritating voice call out.

“Well, well, well! Looks like we have a mouse in the house!”

Lysergic, her eyes finally adjusted, glanced around to see she was now trapped in a dome like steel cage, that apparently had been hoisted up on a cable, just over the bottom of the stairs. The cage dropped when it was triggered by the wire that Lysergic had tripped over!

She noticed her .454 was laying outside the cage, just out of reach. She looked in the direction of the voice and saw two figures glaring at her.

One dude was short and stout and had pukeish skin, with warts all over his face. His eyes bulged out in ravishing disgust, as he smiled a wide smile that seemed to cover his entire lower face.

The other guy was tall, with long skinny legs and slimy skin. So slimy, it appeared to Lysergic, that if you touched him your hand would just slide right off. Although, Lysergic had no plans to touch either of these guys, if she could possibly ever help it.

“Hickory Dickory Dock!” the skinny slimy guy chortled, in a raspy voice, “The Mouse Ran Up The Clock! The Clock Struck One! Down The Mouse Run! Hickory Dickory Dock!”*

“Could I ask you guys a question?” Lysergic politely asked.

Warts and Slimy gave her a suspicious look.

“What?” Warts replied, in the whiny, irritating voice Lysergic had first heard.

Lysergic smiled, “What in the hell is a Hickory Dickory Dock?!”

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