Lysergic Oldham dreamed she was in heaven. Lying in a white room with black curtains in some way station, her bed was covered in white lace, on top of which were pillows that were so soft, it was as if they could almost melt. She wasn’t alone.

Wrapped in the protective arms of a tall thin man, with a long black ponytail, Lysergic felt safe. Safe from her past. A past that lacked love, packed with hardship, and full of loneliness.

She was safe from the world, as well. A world of harshness. A world of constant danger. A world where life was cheap and could be cut short without warning. A world in chaos. A world winding down. In essence, Lysergic’s world.

Suddenly, she awoke. She found herself, not in a white room with a bed of white lace and soft pillows, but in a small gray room on a cloth cot. Lysergic had dreamed she was in heaven but she quickly realized she had awakened still in hell!

She was sore. Her left shoulder had been bandaged. She knew they had removed the tracker. She also knew they had confiscated all her weapons, including her chain necklace. The only good news was that she still had her platform shoes on, with blades intact.

She slowly and painfully sat up in the cot. She could hear talking, just outside the door. Someone was about to enter. She immediately laid back down and feigned unconsciousness.

The door opened, Lysergic slightly opened her eyes to see who it was. She quickly realized she hadn’t been hallucinating earlier in the warehouse, after all, and that maybe her dream wasn’t a dream at all. Because standing over her, with a look of sweet benevolence, was Lysergic’s only love she had ever had in her young life. For standing over her was her ex-boyfriend, Slicer! She suddenly opened her eyes wide.

“Hello, Slicer!’ she softly said.

Timothy Edward Friendly aka: “Slicer” had a look of shock and surprise that slowly spread across his face.

“Lysergic??!!” he muttered.

“It’s been awhile, hasn’t it?” Lysergic hoarsely whispered, tears subtly beginning to form in her eyes.

Slicer nodded.

Suddenly, a voice from behind Slicer cried out.

“WHO IS SHE??!!! WHO IS THIS BITCH??!!!!” It was Mod.

Slicer immediately turned around.

“Not now, Mod!!!” he sternly replied, “GET OUT!!!!!”

“WHO IS SHE???!!!” Mod began to cry tears of jealousy, “YOU TELL ME, NOW!!! WHO IS SHE????!!!”

Slicer called back, “Servai!! Demetri!!! Get her out of here!!”

The Keamy twins immediately appeared, grabbed Mod’s arms and began to drag her out.

“NOOOOOOO!!!!!” Mod screamed, “PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!”

Slicer went over and closed the door. You could still hear Mod’s screams, as she was taken away.

Slicer turned back to face Lysergic.

“Sorry about that,” he smiled.

“Guess I should of called ahead first!’ Lysergic replied, with a smile herself.

“Lets go into another room with more privacy,” Slicer said.

Slicer helped her up off the cot, as they went back out into the warehouse. It was now quit. Mod was nowhere to be seen. Braincase quickly came up.

“I’ve given Mod a sedative, Master” he said, “she should sleep for hours.” Braincase gave Lysergic a glance of distrust.

“Very good. I’m going into my back room,” Slicer stated, “do not disturb me, unless it is of the up most importance. You understand?!”

“Yes, Master!” Braincase replied.

Slicer led Lysergic back to his room.

“Master?!” Lysergic giggled. Slicer just smiled.

The room consisted of a large circular bed and some trays of half eaten food.

“Maid’s day off?!” Lysergic asked, as Slicer closed the door.

“Something like that,” Slicer replied, “go ahead and sit on the bed.”

Lysergic smiled, as she sat down on the bed’s edge, “Are you Timothy Edward Friendly?! I had never known your real name!”

Slicer nodded, “Names weren’t important back then, they’re not important now!”

Slicer sat down next to Lysergic.

“If memory serves,” he stated, “the last time we were together, we were in bed, just before being rudely interrupted.”*

“So you want to start off where we left off?!” Lysergic grinned.

“Yes,” Slicer gently replied, “Yes.”

“What about your girlfriend, out there?!” Lysergic quizzed.

“She’ll understand!” Slicer replied.

“Oh, I’m sure!!” Lysergic laughed, “it looks like she’s such an understanding person!!”

“I’ve missed you, Lysergic!” Slicer sadly said.

Lysergic nodded, wiping away some more tears.

“Its been a few years,” Lysergic replied, “but I think we’ve both changed a lot since then.”

Lysergic remembered what Richard Malkin had told her, ‘Beware of friends who are not what they used to be!’

Next: Chap. Twenty-Seven “The Years of Tears”

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