Lysergic Oldham popped back up from “The Rabbit Hole” bar, retrieved the 923X Thunderbolt, then headed back out the side ally on her way to the abandoned lighthouse, out by the pier.

She decided, however, to take a little side trip first. As she cruised along Hanso Blvd, she studied the loiterers hanging around the street corners. She needed some information and was looking for someone in particular. Soon, she found him.

Standing on the corner of 23rd Avenue and Sawyer Lane, was a skinny dude dressed in a 1940’s white suit, with a slicked back 1950’s hairstyle, a 1960’s peace symbol tie, 1980’s yuppie wingtip shoes, with a 1990’s Silver Attaché case resting near his feet.

The dude was engaged in an intense conversation with a couple of Star Punks.

Lysergic slowly pulled up to the curb.

“Hey!!!! Don’t you own anything from this century?!” she called out to the skinny dude, who suddenly turned around, with a look of fear on his face. A fear of suddenly being busted! But soon the fear turned into a look of recognition, as he walked over.

“Lyyyy….ser…gic…..Old…ham…..I presume!” he chortled, “look at you! All dolled up! Don’t tell me you’re now a Joy Girl?!”

“Hey, Slipper,” Lysergic answered, with a friendly grin, “girl’s gotta make a living! I figured you’d still be out here hustling the streets!”

“Guy’s gotta make a living too, you know?” Slipper replied, “what can I do ya for?”

“Ya know anything bout a guy around here named Friendly?” Lysergic asked.

Slipper frowned, “Yeah, I know about him. Know he’s bad news! Stay away from him, sweetie! Besides, you’re too good for someone like him! You’re perfection incarnated!! Now as for me, what say I hop on the back of that bike of yours and we run off and get married?”

“It’s very tempting, Slipper,” Lysergic smiled, “but you know you’re just too wild for me!”

Slipper laughed!

“Seriously,” Lysergic continued, “you know where I can find this Friendly?”

Slipper nervously glanced around, “You didn’t hear this from me but try out by the docks. Lighthouse district. Hear he’s got his group of Groogs holed up there.”

“How many Groogs?” Lysergic asked.

Slipper frowned in thought, “Lots come and go. Counting his bodyguards, his squeeze, and the two amphibians, about six or seven.”

“Guards armed?” Lysergic wondered.

“Of course,” Slipper replied, “not heavy armor but a couple semi’s and one or two bean bags!”

“Ya got anything that can give me an advantage?” Lysergic flirtatiously smiled.

“You’ve got an advantage just showing up, my dear,” Slipper flirted back, “but yeah. What ya need? Blinding powder? Deaf poppers? Hypo-darts?”

Slipper opened up his jacket to show all shapes and sizes of vials taped to the insides of his jacket.

“They’re all guaranteed to be pure acoustic,” Slipper pitched, “won’t set off any electronic surveillance or alarm systems.”

Lysergic glanced the items over, “How much for one each?” she asked, "I'll also need a chain necklace."

“Oh, girl!!” Slipper laughed, “you’re making me cry! Oh, 500. But let me add in my repeat customer, as well as my sexy girl discount, and you can have all three for free, chain included!”

“Free?! Then it’s a deal, Slippy boy,” Lysergic replied.

Slipper handed over three vials, then reached into his pocket and pulled out a silver chain necklace, “just bring yourself back in one piece, lover. You once saved my ass from some Joe Boys who was looking for me, remember?!”

Lysergic nodded.

“So I owe you one. You do remember how to use these vials, don’t you?” Slipper asked.

“Like it was yesterday,” Lysergic replied, clamping the three vials onto the chain, then placing it around her neck, “I still owe you!”

“Marry me and I’ll call us even!” Slipper smiled.

“If I ever decide to settle down,” Lysergic grinned, “you’ll be the first to know!”

“I don’t know what your business is with Friendly,” Slipper seriously said, “but be really careful, babe! He’s hard line!”

“Yeah, I will Slipper,” Lysergic nodded, “later days!”

With that said Lysergic took off down the street towards the lighthouse district.

Slipper re-joined the two Star Punks on the corner.

“Bet a hundred she turns right!” the one punk commented.

“I’ll match that and bet she rides straight!” the other punk added.

“Ill take that action!” Slipper replied, as they all watched as Lysergic make a left turn, one block down!

“Ha!” Slipper laughed, “you two are idiots, I just told her where to go!! So pay up you miserable, pathetic excuses for human beings!”

“Slipper, you jerk,” one punk said, “I’ll bet you we’re not miserable pathetic excuses for human beings!”

“I’ll take some of that action!!’ Slipper replied.

The other Star Punk wandered away. Taking out a fiber phone, he quickly placed a call.

“Looks like there’s a new girl in town,” he whispered, “yeah, dressed like a Joy Girl. Overheard she was headed out to the Lighthouse area! Yeah, okay. Hey, don’t forget my finder’s fee!”

Next: Chap. Twenty-Two “A Mouse in the House”

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