Lysergic Oldham found herself back in black, when the basement lights were suddenly shut off. She could hear footsteps approaching, so she figured it was those two weirdo guys who had trapped her. She felt for one of the vials around her neck, just in case, and noticed the blue amulet from Teresa was once again glowing furiously!

‘Yeah, I know,’ Lysergic thought, ‘Danger! Will Robinson! Danger!’

Suddenly, she heard a “whiffing” noise and felt a slight sting in her neck! Lysergic was familiar with that sound and that sting! She had just been hit, once again, by a tranquilizer dart!

This time, however, she didn’t entirely pass out. She was groggy, but still alert enough to know the lights had been turned back on, the cage opened, and, as a bag was thrown over her head, she was lifted up by her arms and dragged along to who knew where?

She could feel being led up some stairs and through at least two doors. She could hear the echo of her and her “escorts” footsteps, which indicated to her she was now in some type of large room.

She was still a little unsteady on her feet, as someone finally took the bag off her head. She immediately looked around to see she was indeed in a large room…a warehouse. There were a few people sitting around some type of platform, on top of which was a black leather chair. Someone was sitting in that chair with their back turned.

She was steadily becoming more sturdy on her feet, as she glanced left and right to see Slimy and Warts standing nearby.

“Here’s our little mouse!” Warts whined out!, “she had a .454 Helsing special with her!”

“Eyem Nawt uh ltle mowse!!” Lysergic heard herself slur, the tranquilizer was affecting her speech.

“A Joy Girl packing heat?” Lysergic heard someone say, “has she been scanned yet?!”

She quickly realized it had been said by the person in the leather chair. There was something remotely familiar about that voice, but Lysergic was still too groggy to remember where, or when, she had heard it.

“No, Master!” the Slimy one replied.

“THEN DO IT!!!” the voice from the platform boomed.

Immediately, Warts produced a metal wand. Lysergic recognized it as a security detector.

Warts waved the wand all around Lysergic, like he was casting a spell. As he neared her left shoulder, the wand whined out in a loud squeal!

“This mouse is implanted!!!” Warts warbled.

“Tracking or explosive?” the voice from the chair asked.

Warts looked at the wand’s meter.

“Both!” he replied.

“Then we’ll have to take it out!” the voice said, “Braincase! See to it!”

Lysergic was becoming clearer headed by the moment.

“Nnnow wwwait a ss..second!” she called out in an effort to speak beyond the effects of the drugs, “’s tttaking..any...thing,... under...stand?!” She fumbled for one of the vials, still safely strung about her neck.

“Oh, we understand!” Lysergic heard the voice reply, “but you must understand, if you are going to be a guest of ours, you’ll have to surrender any weapons, externally or internally, and tracking devices are strictly prohibited around here… big time!

So, if you behave, I’ll have my associate use a local anesthetic. If you aren’t cooperative, then I’ll order him not to. Then we’ll see how you handle all the pain! You understand?!”

Lysergic said nothing, as the guy addressed as Braincase approached. He took Lysergic by the arm and as he started to guide her away, she snapped one of the vials Slipper had given her off her chain necklace and immediately injected it into Braincase’s neck!

The hypo-dart vial was filled with an hallucinogenic drug that was fast acting. Braincase immediately started spinning around in circles, cooing like a crazed pigeon!

“What did you just give him!!” Warts nervously asked, grabbing a hold of Lysergic, just as she tried to run.

But Lysergic didn’t answer, as she snapped off another vial and smashed it to the floor and closed her eyes!

The blinding powder lived up to its name, as a tremendous flash of pure white light lit up the warehouse.

“The Bitch blinded me!!!” Slimy cried out, as Warts released his grip on Lysergic and started to stumble around.

In all the confusion Lysergic, now feeling stronger as the drug wore off, made a run for a door she had spotted off to the right.

Hoping it was unlocked, she reached for the handle. It was! Quickly swinging the door open, Lysergic made a mad dash through the door way, only to set off another trap, as a net swooped down on top of her, bringing her to her knees!

She struggled to get out but to no avail. The more she struggled, the tighter the net became, until she could hardly move.

She glanced back through the open doorway and saw the temporary affects of the blinding powder had worn off and the confusion that had ensued had settled down. Warts and Slimy approached, along with Braincase, who now seemed to have come down from his temporary “trip”. Braincase was holding his own hypodermic needle in his hand. Warts and Slimy dragged her, net and all, back through the door into the warehouse.

“Drug her, then take her in the back room and remove that tracker!!” she heard the voice order. Just before she felt the needle inserted into her neck, she glanced over to see the guy in the chair get up, turn around and face her way. At first, Lysergic figured it was the drugs now coursing through her veins that was making her hallucinate, but she knew she had heard that voice before.

So the dude, who had been giving orders, who had been sitting in that leather chair on top of that platform, who seemed to be the one in charge, who may turn out to be this Timothy Edward Friendly that Lysergic had been ordered to locate, and that everyone seemed to be so scared of, was someone she once knew.

Because the dude Lysergic had recognized was her ex-boyfriend, Slicer!

Next: Chap. Twenty-Five “Mumbling”

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