Lysergic Oldham, now fully unconscious, was immediately dragged into a back room. Braincase followed, carrying a surgical bag. He was to remove the tracking device implanted in her left shoulder.

A few minutes later, Slimy Frog came back, carrying a box of items taken off Lysergic. He approached Timothy Edward Friendly.

“Master,” he croaked, “this is what the girl was carrying.”

Friendly hopped off the platform, reached into the box, and took out each item and placed them on a nearby table.

“Let’s see what we have here,” he said, “a .454 caliber Helsing silver special. That’s one powerful weapon for a Joy Girl to be carrying. A reel of wire which can be used for garroting. Interesting. A couple of weight balanced throwing knives. A small radio-like transmitter. A pouch of herbal cigarettes, and a chain necklace consisting of a vial and some charms. We know the damage these vials can do, but I don’t know about these charms.”

Braincase returned.

“How’d it go?!” Friendly asked.

“She is resting,” Braincase answered, “I’ve got her shoulder all stitched up and bandaged. Here is what she had implanted.”

Braincase handed Friendly a small electronic device.

“Its a tracking device that has a small explosive device inserted,” Braincase explained.

“Master!” Servai Keamy spoke out, “as members of your security team…..”

“We feel you are in danger….” Demetri Keamy concluded.

“So we advise you take this device…..” Demetri said.

“…..and destroy it immediately!!!” Servai concluded.

“We also strongly suggest,” Servai advised.

“….that you allow us the privilege,” Demetri added.

“….of taking the girl out in back,” Servai stated.

“…and we’ll each put a bullet through her head!” Demetri finished.

Friendly frowned, “No. Not yet. I want to talk to this girl when she awakens.”

“Who could she be, Master?” Warts Toad wondered, “another assassin?”

“Probably,” Friendly answered, “all I know is that my contact out on the street said a Joy Girl was in town asking about me and where I was. Then she gets caught trying to sneak in.

She’s carrying all kinds of exotic weapons that no Joy Girl would or could afford to carry. Even has a tracking device that could explode. So, if she is another assassin, then she may be on a suicide mission!”

“I say she is after the journal!” Braincase suggested.

“That could also be!” Friendly agreed, “the Lamp Post, more than likely, sent someone out as another sacrifice to try and get their little book back!”

“Maybe we’ve been double-crossed by Ms. Savo!!” Warts Toad added.

“That is also a possibility,” Friendly said, “that's why I want to speak to this girl, when she’s able.”

“Well, I don’t like her, either way,” Mod purred, “let the twins take her out and shoot her. Then add her head to your trophy collection!”

Mod motioned to the back of the room, where a half dozen human heads had been mounted on the wall like hunting trophies.

Four of the heads were of people, who had one time or another ticked off or had double-crossed Friendly. The other two had, like Lysergic, come nosing around and had ended up paying the ultimate price.

“Well, I’m making no decision right now, in regards to her,” Friendly stated, “as I said, I want to talk to her. Braincase, how soon will she be conscious?”

“I’ll check now,” Braincase replied, “she should be coming around anytime!”

“Then go and check!” Friendly ordered.

Braincase nodded and headed to the back room where Lysergic was recovering.

Lysergic was laying on a cot, her left shoulder bandaged. She was still sleeping but appeared to be dreaming. She kept mumbling something, over and over. Braincase came in and tried to understand what she was saying. To him, it sounded like she was mumbling someone’s name.

Braincase listened carefully. Suddenly, he recognized what she was saying! He immediately left the room to see Friendly.

Friendly was already back up on the platform and sitting in his leather chair throne.

“Master!!” Braincase called out, “may I speak with you?!”

“So speak!!” Friendly replied.

“Privately, please!” Braincase requested.

“Approach!” Friendly nodded, as Braincase jumped up onto the platform and knelt to whisper in Friendly’s ear.

“The girl is coming around,” Braincase whispered, “she should be fully conscious within the next half hour!”

“Well, good!” Friendly replied, “but why are you whispering all this to me?!”

“Because, Master,” Braincase explained, “as she is coming around, she is mumbling something. A name!”

“Whose name?” Friendly interrupted, impatiently.

“She keeps mumbling it over and over,” Braincase explained, “she keeps repeating the name “Slicer”! Was that not your nickname at one time, Master?!”

A look of confusion and fear crossed Friendly’s face.

“Get her awake now, Braincase!” Friendly ordered, “I want to see who this Bitch really is!!”

Next: Chap. Twenty-Six “Lysergic’s World”

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