“You hold yourself real still, girly,” Ally Punk sternly stated, as he continued to hold a knife to the throat of Lysergic Oldham, “you got money?!”

Lysergic shook her head no.

“You got Haze?!” Ally Punk continued. Haze was a street stimulant that dulled the neuron receptors in the brain long enough to let you freely hallucinate while fully awake. It was like being jacked into the polynet but without the implants.

Lysergic continued to slowly and secretly stretch out her arm to feel if any of her weapons were still anywhere within reach. Nothing. Ally Punk must of either kicked them aside or stole them outright.

The Punk slapped Lysergic hard across her face! She felt the stinging pain, but remained silent!

“I’m talkin to you, Slut!” he angrly said, “you got any Haze?!”

“In my vest pockets,” Lysergic lied, referring to the corset vest she was using as a pillow.

“Take it out slowly from under your pretty little head,” Ally Punk commanded.

Lysergic did. Ally Punk grabed the vest and sloppily went through the pockets, still holding the knife to her throat.

Lysergic continued to covertly reach around with her right arm in a desperate search for anything she could find to use. Suddenly, a touch! She could feel the tip of the baton she had taken earlier from the Skull punk out by the bridge. Her fingers grasped out for the baton carefully, as to not accidentally knock it further away.

Meanwhile, Ally Punk continued to rife through the vest pockets, in a desperate search for some Haze. Lysergic could tell he was just another stimulus junkie, a “Haze Fazer”, whose brain was already fried. Which was why she knew Stim Heads like him could become very dangerous, very quickly!

“I’m lookin, but I ain’t findin!” Ally Punk said, “you better not be lyin to me, Bitch!”

“It’s there somewhere!” Lysergic stalled, while she continued to grasp in desperation for the baton.

“Well, I don’t find it,” Ally Punk frustratingly replied, “so that’s too bad for you!”

Ally Punk sneered, as Lysergic felt the knife blade begin to brush her throat! Suddenly, she got a firm grip on the baton!

With a quick flick of her wrist, the baton fully expanded to its full 26” length! She swung hard, connecting the steel rod alongside Ally Punk’s head! There was a sudden “crack”, as his skull split, his blood splattered, and his knife dropped!

Lysergic pushed Punk away and immediately retreated to the far side of the box. Punk, remarkably, was still conscious but was now on his knees, moaning. Lysergic walked around and stood directly in front of him, the baton still in her hand. Ally Punk slowly looked up, blood gushing down the side of his head.

“Please!” he begged, “Don’t kill me!!”

Lysergic psychotically smiled.

“Oh, you won’t feel a thing!!” she replied, as she smashed the baton down hard on his head! Punk keeled over in slow motion, his face now blank with death.

Lysergic quickly gathered her corset vest, stove pipe hat, and weapons, including Ally Punk’s knife. She then grabbed the scooter and headed out, only to be met, just outside the box, by an older man holding an ancient 30.06 double barrel shotgun inches in front of her face!

“And where do you think you’re going in such a hurry this fine morning?” the man asked in a, considering the circumstances, friendly manner.

“I’m, uh, just going out for my morning walk!” Lysergic nervously answered.

The man motioned for Lysergic to step aside.

“Slowly,” he firmly stated, as he peered inside the box.

“Friend of yours?” he asked, after seeing the Ally Punk’s dead body.

“We just met!” Lysergic replied stoically.

The man nodded.

“What say you join me for breakfast?” He then motioned for Lysergic to walk ahead of him down the ally. Since the man was still holding the shotgun just inches from her face, Lysergic figured she had no choice.

“Uh, you wouldn’t happen to be planning on having Pizza for breakfast, would you?” she asked, in an effort to stall.

“No. Why?” the man wondered.

“Cause, I’ve got some in the saddlebag of my scooter, if you’d like!” Lysergic replied.

“Just give me the key to your scooter and slowly put all your “items” into that saddlebag and start pushing it that way!” the man said, motioning for her to move on down the ally way. Lysergic slipped her weapons into the bag, handed over the key, and began to roll the scooter.

“What’s your name?” he asked, keeping a few steps behind her and the shotgun ready.

“Lysergic!” she answered. She wondered if she could somehow distract him long enough to make an escape.

“Pleased to meet you, Ms. Lysergic”, the man replied, “I’m Bradley Linus and don’t even think of trying to escape!”

Next: Chap. Four "Breakfast with Linus"

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