On that night, just a few months ago, the rain poured. Punctuated with the rolling roar of thunder and blinding flashes of lightning, those sounds of thunder magnified within the cavernous emptiness of the warehouse, where Slicer and his Groogs were holed up.

Slicer was in his “private quarters” with Mod. Warts and Slimy were asleep out on the floor. Braincase was trying to read, while the Keamy twins were taking turns at guard duty. Demetri was the one on duty, when he made the discovery.

The side door of the warehouse suddenly opened up, letting the wind and rain drift in. Braincase glanced up from his book “The Valenzeti Equation”, and saw the shadow outline of two figures. One he recognized as being Demetri, but the next outline was much smaller. As both figures entered, Braincase could see that Demeti was accompanied by a young girl. She was soaking wet.

“Who’s she?!” Braincase asked.

Demeti shrugged, “Found her just outside the door under the eve.”

Braincase walked over to the girl, who was shivering from the cold.

“What’s your name?” he asked her.

The girl had a vacant look in her intensely green eyes. Not surprisingly, she didn’t answer.

“We’ve got to let Master know about her,” Demetri noted.

Braincase nodded, as he headed to Slicer’s door. He didn’t want to have to disturb his Master but if he didn’t, Slicer wouldn’t of been too happy to wake out in the morning and come across this strange girl. So, he reluctantly knocked.

“What is it!!” Braincase could hear Slicer angrily ask from inside the room.

“Master!” Braincase nervously explained, “Demetri has happened upon someone outside the facilities. He has brought her in. I thought you should know immediately!”

“Hold on!” Slicer replied, just before the door suddenly swung open and Slicer appeared.

He immediately noticed the girl, standing and shivering.

“Well, get her a towel and blanket!” Slicer commanded.

Slicer saw to it that the girl was fed (she seemed to have a good appetite) and dried off. At first, they all thought she was a deaf mute, as she was totally silent. But after awhile, maybe because the girl had somehow determined she was in no immediate danger, she began to open up and answer their questions. As long as the answer was a yes or a no!

Braincase named her “Binary” because of her “on/off” answers, but nothing was known about this mysterious girl.

Mod searched the girl’s pockets and found some papers. The papers consisted of rambling scribbles of a series of numbers. 4,8,15,16,23,42.

One piece of paper had a letter head referring to a place called The VIK Institute, located in Iceland. What this VIK Institute was, and how this girl was connected to it, was unknown. If she was in Iceland, then how she got this far was also an unknown, as well as how, or why, she ended up outside the warehouse in the first place.

Slicer had her scanned by the wand, to see if she had any tracking or other types of devices on her. She didn’t.

Not knowing what else to do, Slicer did nothing. He just let the girl hang around.

It wasn’t until one day Binary’s true talents were realized. She had apparently found a dollar bill on the floor. Whose dollar bill it was, no one knew, but everyone claimed it was theirs. Everyone did notice, however, that Binary had taken the dollar and had drawn an exact copy of that bill on a piece of paper. Which gave Slicer the idea that this girl’s talent may lie in forgery.

A few days later, Slicer managed to purchase, within the underground market, several reams of the exact type of paper the U.S Mint used to print money. So thus Slicer was now in the forgery business with the help of his new found friend.

Binary was easy to work with. Just tell her what to copy and she’d reply “yes” and away she’d go. Intensely dedicated to the task at hand, with concentration powers unmatched, she could knock off monetary forgeries at about $200 an hour!

So she was the perfect candidate when the journal was retrieved and Slicer had decided to make a copy.

Still, nothing was known about this strange girl, who had shown up at their doorstep that stormy night.

Warts and Slimy thought she was a sign from God. Mod thought she was a child of the Devil, but Slicer guessed she was like so many others in this insane world. He figured Binary was just another orphan, whose fate had, for some unknown reason, guided her there.

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