Timothy Edward “Slicer” Friendly reacted immediately. He rushed Lysergic Oldham and knocked her out of the line of fire! The bullet, fired by Mod, penetrated Slicer’s back, exiting out his chest!

Servai Keamy opened fire on Mod. Her head exploded, as she slumped to the floor.

Chaos ensued.

Braincase grabbed his medical bag and quickly came to render whatever aid he could for Slicer, as Slimy and Warts also came running over to check on the status of their fallen Master.

Servai helped his stunned twin brother up off the floor.

Lysergic was trying to comprehend what had just happened. She slowly got to her feet and came over to the gaggle of Groogs, who now formed a semi-circle around Slicer.

Warts and Slimy parted to let Lysergic through. Slicer was mumbling.

Lysergic immediately kneeled down and cradled him in her arms.

“Hang on, Babe!” she whispered, “it’ll be okay.”

Lysergic glanced over to Braincase for some reassurance, but one look at Braincase’s face told Lysergic the whole story. Slicer wasn’t going to be okay.

Slicer slowly opened his eyes and spoke.

“You…. okay?” he weakly uttered.

Lysergic, the tears welling up in her eyes, replied, “Yeah, sweetie, I’m okay. You stay with me, you understand??!!”

Lysergic turned to Braincase.

“CALL 911!!” she yelled, “CALL SOMEONE!!!”

Braincase shook his head.

“They won’t come out to these parts,” he sadly answered, “too many paramedics have been killed out here over the years!”

Lysergic wouldn’t give up, “WELL!!! DO SOMETHING!!!”

Braincase shrugged, “There’s nothing I CAN do.”

Lysergic noticed that Braincase’s eyes were welling up with tears as well.

“It’s…. over,” Slicer mumbled, his voice getting weaker, “it’s… my fate. It’s been …..decided!”

“Nothing’s been decided, yet!” Lysergic tearfuly replied.

“Yes….it has…,” Slicer subtly smiled, “Lysergic…..I ....!”

Lysergic’s tears now flowed uncontrollably.

So there, in the middle of the warehouse with his Groogs gathered around and the one and only girl he ever truly loved holding him close, Slicer died.

In the morning Slicer’s body, wrapped up in some white canvas sheets, was taken down to the river by the remaining Groogs and Lysergic.

By Lysergic’s request, Mod’s remains were also placed in separate white canvas and brought along to the river bank.

Lysergic wasn’t angry with her. She understood Mod loved Slicer, as much as she did, and Mod was right, Lysergic was a threat to her relationship with Slicer and Mod couldn’t handle that fact. Lysergic understood. So on that clear, crisp morning, the bodies of Slicer and Mod, weighed down with rocks, were gently cast into the flowing river.

No words were uttered. Silence would have to do, and Lysergic refused to cry. She couldn’t anyway, because she had no tears left.

However, before turning to head back to the warehouse with the Groogs, Lysergic muttered, “Rest in Peace, my love. Rest in Peace.”

Next; Chap. Thirty-Three "Masteress"

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