Lysergic Oldham was in heaven. She found herself, once again, in Slicer’s arms. She noticed they were not in bed, but were surrounded by a soft, white mist. It felt, to Lysergic, like they were floating in a cloud.

Lysrgic glanced up to Slicer and was comforted by his gentle smile.

“I had a crazy dream,” Lysergic softly said, “I dreamt you were dead.”

Slicer nodded, “That was no dream, Honey. I am dead!”

Suddenly, Lysergic awoke! She found herself in bed in Slicer’s room. She quickly got up and shook off the twitch that ran through her nerves. It had been a dream. Only a dream, she sadly noted.

There was a knock on the door.

“Ms. Oldham?” It was Braincase, “could you come out? We would like to talk with you.”

Lysergic had gone into Slicer’s room and stayed ever since she had returned form Slicer’s “funeral”.

Lysergic opened the door.

“What is it, Braincase?” she wondered. She noticed that all the remaining Groogs were out in the warehouse, looking her way.

“We all wish to ask you something,” Braincase answered.

Lysergic shrugged, “So, ask.”

“We all wish for you to consider,” Braincase nervously stated, “uh, you see, uh, Slicer trusted you, and so do we. Will you? Will you?”

Lysergic was confused. “Will I what?”

Braincase cleared his throat, “Will you… be our Mastress?”

Lyseric was at first stunned by the request, then laughed to herself.

“Hey, I’m sorry, guys,” she replied, “I’m not the leader type. I don’t like taking orders and I don’t like giving them.”

“But Mastress,” Warts spoke up, “what are we to do?”

Lysergic was about to say, ‘How the hell do I know’ but refrained.

“You did retrieve Faraday’s journal from Slicer, didn’t you?” Lysergic asked Braincase.

“Yes, Mastress,” Braincase replied, reaching into his pocket and taking the changed copy out, “it’s right here.”

“Please, don’t call me, Mastress!” Lysergic replied, “I suggest you complete the deal Slicer had arranged with that Savo woman! Call her, or whatever, and deliver the journal. Take the payout, then split it between yourselves. From there, I don’t know what to tell you. Go your own separate ways or stick together, it’s all up to you. If you decide to stick together, then elect or appoint one of you to be the fearless leader. Braincase, it seems to me you’d be the logicl choice.”

“Thank you, Mastress,” Braincase replied, “I am planning on calling Ms. Savo. But what will you do?”

“Braincase! What did I tell you about the “Mastress” part?” Lysergic scolded, “I’m no Mastress! What I will do? I don’t know. Seems I’m always destined to wander. I’ve got some personal decisions to make myself. Once I decide those, I will more than likely split. Where? I haven’t decided.”

Lysergic knew she would have to decide soon what she will do with the original copy of the Journal. Radio Z and make the arrangements to deliver it to him to complete her “mission”? Then be free with Z deleting her records?

However, she didn’t trust Z. Especially after he knew that Friendly was actually Slicer and had never told her. No, she won’t give the journal to Z. Maybe she could give it to the Groogs for re-sale, like Slicer had planned. But that would guarantee their deaths, sooner or later.

Lysergic quickly realized how she had changed. Here she was, worrying about those Groogs. Ones, who would have just as soon killed her, if Slicer had ordered. But with his death, she understood that they all had something in common. They all had loved Slicer, in one way or another, and now missed him.

Besides, Braincase was in agreement with her about the journal. It was dangerous, especially if it fell into the wrong hands. Lysergic didn’t know anything about this Savo woman, but then again Lysergic didn’t trust anyone. Except Slicer and Slicer was no longer here!

Lysergic decided that since the tracker/explosive had been extracted from her shoulder, and was no longer a threat to her safety, she would just take the journal with her, grab the Thunderbolt bike, and take off for parts unknown. Along the way she would destroy the journal. That was the best thing to do for all involved.

Just as she was about to announce her decision to the Groogs, the entire warehouse began to vibrate. The windows shook and the air was filled with a deafening “WHUMPA!!! WHUMPA!!!” sound.

The Keamy twins, rifles at the ready, ran to the window.

“It’s a Black helicopter….” Demetri stated.

…..and its landing just outside!!!” Servai added.

….someone’s getting out!!” Servai continued.

…..five individuals…..,” Demetri noted.

…four security types…” Servai reported.

…and one woman dressed in black!!!” Demetri commented.

Braincase hurried over to window and peared out.

“Who is it?!” Lysergic cautiously asked.

Braincase turned and faced her with a look of surprise.

“Our client’s here!” he nervously answered, “Antia Kristos Savo has arrived!”

Next: Chap. Thirty-Four “Antia Kristos Savo”

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