Lysergic Oldham thought she was having an acid flashback (she had had them before) when she saw the images of Bradley and Annie Linus standing before her. Meanwhile, the red amulet around her neck, glowed furiously. Lysergic figured they were somehow connected.

‘What lame poem did Teresa say about the red one,’ Lysergic tried to remember, ‘oh yeah. The power of red, utilizes the dead!’

Lysergic quickly looked around but no one else seemed to have noticed the Linus’s standing there. She glanced back to see Bradley and Annie fading in and out of focus.

‘Ghosts??!!’ Lysergic wondered, as her eyes began to tear up, as she was quickly reminded how she missed them both.

They did not speak but, instead, appeared to try and direct Lysergic’s attention to a side door in the warehouse.

Lysergic glanced that way but saw nothing unusual, so she turned back to Bradley and Annie and just shrugged.

The Linus’s, once again, urgently pointed towards the exit, as Annie tried to say something. Lysergic couldn’t hear what, so she utilized a talent she had developed, over the years, while partying at some of the loudest Rages. She read Annie’s lips!

Annie “said”, “Get Out, Now!”

Lysergic turned back to face Antia Kristos Savo and her group.

An air of uncertainty permeated the air. An uncertainty that Lysergic could feel, as Bradley and Annie from the after life, directly through the amulet, was trying to warn her that all was not what it appeared to be. Lysergic soon would discover how right they were.

Savo placed Daniel Faraday’s journal in her pocket.

“Okay,” she evilly smiled, “its been a pleasure doing business with all of you, but I must leave.”

She turned to one of her security team, “Go out to the copter and get the cash to pay our associates.”

The team member started to head out the door but slightly hesitated.

Lysergic subtly noticed he had flipped the safety off his AK-47. She also noted that the rest of Savo’s team had done the same.

So Lysergic slowly reached for the .454 Helsing Silver Special, strapped snugly in her thigh holster. She noticed that Bradley and Annie were now nowhere to be seen.

Savo turned back to face Lysergic and the Groogs, “I hope you all have a very pleasant evening and please accept my deepest sympathies for the loss of your Master.”

Then, as Antia Kristos Savo started to leave, she shouted an order to her team.


Chap. Thirty-Seven “Controlled Chaos”

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