As soon as Antia Kristos Savo gave the command to kill, a controlled chaos ensued. Savo’s security guard #1 immediately took aim and fired a couple of rounds through the chest of Demetri Keamy.

Before he collapsed onto the warehouse floor, Demetri cried out “Son of a……”

“…Bitch!!!” his twin brother Servai finished as he, in retaliation, fired off a couple of rounds through guard #1.

Servai Keamy, in turn, was felled by guard #2.

Lysergic Oldham, alert after the warnings she had received from the spirits of Bradley and Annie Linus, instantaneously pulled out the .454 Helsing Silver Special and opened fire.

Guard #2 collapsed, when two bullets from Lysergic’s gun neatly burrowed into his head via the eye socket.

Lysergic quickly rolled and tumbled, finding temporary shelter behind the wooden platform in the center of the warehouse floor.

Savo, in the meantime, had turned and headed out the back door towards the waiting copter.

Braincase made a mad dash towards a side exit, in an attempt to escape, only to be brought down with a multitude of slugs into his back from guard # 3.

Slimy and Warts just stood there, frozen in fear. Guard #4 quickly took care of them both by blasting their heads clean off!

Lysergic managed to crawl to the side of the platform, take aim at guard #4, and put a bullet through his neck. As #4 gurgled up blood, guard #3 opened fire at the platform. Slicer’s chair exploded into mass of shredded leather and aluminum. His throne now dethroned.

Lysergic dived under the platform, as #3 came around the side in an attempt to trap her. Not finding her there, he mistakenly thought she had headed to the copy room. He immediately approached and cautiously entered.

There, #3 found a young girl hiding under a table. Binary was whimpering with fear.

Just as #3 raised his rifle and took aim at Binary’s forehead, he felt a garroting wire suddenly wrap around his neck. It was the last thing he ever felt, as Lysergic Oldham pulled the wire tight, effectively decapitating his head! Lysergic immediately turned and headed towards the back door after Savo.

On the way out, she put guard #4, who was down on the floor still gurgling blood, out of his misery by putting a bullet through his brain.

As Lysergic bolted through the door, she spotted Savo about to board her copter, which was now powered up and ready to lift off.

Just as Savo started to step up onto the copter’s ruts, Lysergic tackled her from behind, dragging her to the ground!

“Let go of me, you Slutty Bitch!!!” Savo cried out, using an elbow punch to the side of Lysergic’s head.

Savo got free of Lysergic’s grip, then pulled out a gun and took aim.

Lysergic immediately grabbed one of the throwing knives off her leg strap and strategically threw it straight into Savo’s wrist, forcing the gun out of her hand!

Lysergic quickly took aim with her own gun, but Savo immediately kicked it out of her hands, then rushed over and picked up the .454. Savo then turned and aimed it straight at Lysergic.

“All this roughhousing bores me, smart-ass punk chick,” Savo stated, “I’m going to stop it now!!”

Savo, using the laser sight of Lysergic’s gun, brought the beam up to zero in on Lysergic’s forehead, but along the way the beam hit the green amulet around Lysergic’s neck, which instantly reflected the laser light back into Savo’s eyes, temporarily blinding her. (The power of green will protect you in its gleam, Teresa Malkin had chanted).

This momentary distraction, gave Lysergic enough time to jump up and charge Savo, knocking the .454 out of her hand, as she gave Savo a good hard right cross across her jaw.

“You’re going nowhere, Skank,” Lysergic said, “except to hell!!!”

Savo smiled crookedly (this time she had no choice, as Lysergic had effectively broken her jaw).

“Then, I’ll see you there!” Savo replied, as she kicked Lysergic away, turned and opened the copter’s door and quickly hopped in.

However, unbeknownst to Savo, as she gave the command to lift off, Lysergic had taken the tracker/explosive device from her pouch and subtly tossed it inside the copter directly under Savo’s seat.

Savo shut the door, turned and blew Lysergic a kiss, as the copter lifted off.

Lysergic smiled and gave Savo the finger.

The copter meanwhile, rapidly climbed and headed west.


A high-pitched warning alarm pierced the air of the radar room. The radar operator glanced at the screen and immediately picked up a phone.

“You better come in here immediately, sir!” he urgently requested.

Within seconds, Mr. Z and Smaller entered.

“What do we have?!” Z urgently asked.

“Radar is tracking a rapid movement towards the western perimeter border!”

“There goes your girl!” Smaller replied.

Z didn’t reply.

“Thirty seconds to breach!” the operator announced.

“She’s making a break for it!” Smaller stated, “I knew she eventually would!”

“Fifteen seconds to breach!” the operator updated.

“She hasn’t radioed in,” Smaller said, “so give the signal!”

Z didn’t reply.

“Ten seconds to breach!”

“You know the protocol,” Smaller reminded Z, “if you don’t do it, corporate will have your head!”

Z nodded.

“Five seconds to breach!”

“DO IT!!!” Smaller yelled.


“Detonate!” Z finally ordered.


Lysergic watched, in the distance, as the copter suddenly exploded into a million pieces of fiery debris!

“Guess you’ll get to hell a little earlier than me!” Lysergic smiled.


Mr. Z, sat in his office and glanced through the files of Lysergic Oldham. He didn’t want to admit it but he was slightly depressed. He had hated giving the destruction command.

He had liked Lysergic. He thought she had great potential but now here he was, back to square one.

He had lost yet another operative in the field and he still didn’t have the journal. He now had to file his final report and there was going to be hell to pay and he was going to be the one to pay it.

He took all the hard copies on Lysergic and ran them through the shredder, then turned to the computer, brought up all the confidential files on her in the database and pressed delete.

So, in just a matter of seconds, Lysergic Diethylamide Oldham no longer existed.

Next: Chap. Thirty-Eight “Third Chances”

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