Antia Kristos Savo cradled Daniel Faraday’s journal gently in her hands. She examined it closely, opened the cover, then thumbed through its pages. Lysergic Oldham watched her closely.

Lysergic thought it almost looked like Savo was going to drool with delight, as she read some excerpts from its pages.

What Lysergic didn’t realize was, that she was right. The journal was very precious to Antia, ever since her father had let her become aware of its existence when she was still a child.

For Antia knew this journal was something more than just the random scribbling of a madman that many believed it was. To Antia, however, it was a guide, a map so to speak, that would take her back to a place she had once visited as a teen, and never wanted to leave. As she held the journal in her hands, Antia reflected back to those days, not that long ago.

Her father was Zoran Savo, a Neurological geneticist and businessman, who was the first president of the Chenchey Institute of Research. Dr. Savo was considered a great humanitarian with many worldwide awards and acclaims attached to his name. But behind that humanitarian front lay an inherent evil.

For Dr. Zoran Savo was performing illegal and unethical experimentation on human subjects, in his quest to discover and develop extra sensory perception.

During one phase of those experiments, Dr. Savo used Sarin gas, a very lethal chemical, to bring his experimental subjects as near to death as possible, in order to cut off all external stimuli to their brains. Zoran believed that only under those particular set of circumstances, could humans utilize their natural psychic powers.*

The problem was, Savo wasn’t sure how much of a dosage of Sarin to use. Not enough would make his subjects too ill and too much would make them die. Needless to say, many did die. Those deaths, of course, were quickly covered up.

One day, when she was sixteen years of age, Antia approached her father and ask to help with his experiments. Savo explained to his daughter that some of what he was doing was too dangerous for her to become involved, but she persisted.

At first, Savo put off his daughter’s request and wouldn’t even consider using his own flesh and blood for any of his experimentation but Antia insisted. This gave Savo an idea.

Most of his “subjects”, though not always “volunteers”, were told what the experiments consisted of and what they were to “observe” within their own consciousness while under the influence of the Sarin gas. Up to that time, Savo’s experiments weren’t proving very successful.

So he pondered what if a subject wasn’t told anything about what the experiment consisted of? Since his daughter was totally unaware of any of the details of what her father was actually doing, Savo thought granting her wish maybe be the breakthrough that he was seeking.

So, one evening, Dr. Zoran Savo strapped Antia into a chair, gave her a wisp of Sarin gas, then blasted her with an Electro-Magnetic beam.

Antia entered a world of mist and mystery. She saw all sorts of geometric shapes and sizes. Shapes that quickly morphed into an island, a beautiful island! An island of peace and tranquility.

She observed people on that island. Wonderful people, who treated her with a respect and shared with her a knowledge of time and space that left her breathless with an ecstatic feeling of universal love. A feeling she had never known before, and she wanted to remain on that island, forever.

Suddenly, she felt herself being “jerked” back through a tunnel of light. The next thing she knew, she was back in the chair in her father’s laboratory. The dosage of Sarin had now dissipated and her father had ordered the EM blasts to cease.

All the feelings of love and comfort and knowledge, that Antia had acquired while on that island, were gone. Replaced with feelings of anxiety and depression.

When she found out her father had ordered the experiment to cease, she pleaded with him to let her “go back to that island”!

Savo refused. So, at that very moment, Antia swore that someday, sometime, she would be able to continue her father’s experiments on her own terms and go back to her own personal heaven.

That opportunity presented itself years later, when she learned, from her father, that a journal did exist, that could provide more knowledge and maybe even a guide for projecting one’s consciousness into other dimensions of time and space. Antia’s father had decided to seek that journal and so did she.

Years later, when she learned that the journal was being held in the basement of a church run by another mysterious organization called Lamp Post, Antia, through her contacts in the underworld, contracted Slicer and his Groogs to steal that journal and deliver it into her hands.

So finally, Antia’s own personal Holy Grail was in her hands and the prospect of returning to a world, a world she loved better than the one she was in, was about to become her separate reality.

“You happy now?!” Lysergic asked, interrupting Antia’s thoughts.

“Oh, very happy!” Antia cooed.

Lysergic had seen that look before on people. People on ecstasy! She also noticed something else as well. Another one of the amulets that Teresa Malkin had given her was glowing. It was the red one this time.

Suddenly, Lysergic noticed two figures standing over in the corner. It wasn’t any of the Groogs and these figures seemed to be motioning, as if trying desperately to get Lysergic’s attention, and they certainly did get her attention when she realized who those figures were. For now standing, no more than ten feet away, were Bradley and Annie Linus!

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