Lysergic Oldham exhaustedly wandered back into the warehouse. It looked like a slaughterhouse in there. Then again, a slaughter had just taken place.

She could still hear the whimpering of Binary, who still terrified and confused and hidden under the table in the copy room. As Lysergic went to check on her, she suddenly heard something else. A wheezing, gasping sound. Someone was still alive!

She immediately pulled out the .454 and quickly glanced around. All of Savo’s security boys were dead, as were the Keamy twins. The same could be said of Warts and Slimy, being all decapitated and such. Lysergic, however, could still hear a subtle breathing.

She scanned the warehouse once again until she saw movement. It was Braincase! He was still alive, but just barely.

Lysergic hurried over and knelt beside him.

“Braincase! Can you hear me?!” she asked.

Braincase mumbled.

“I’ll get help!” Lysergic replied.

“No,” the words were weak and barely audible, “…they….. won’t…. come….. out….here….too…..dangerous…..imagine….that!…”

Braincase attempted a smile that quickly turned into a coughing fit filled with blood.

“I’ll get someone!’ Lysergic said, trying to reassure him, “but first, is there any type of first aid kit around?” Although, Lysergic realized he was too far gone for any first aid.

“Are….they….all…..dead?” Braincase managed to ask.

“Yes, all except Binary” Lysergic replied, “and the copy of the journal has been destroyed!”

Braincase weakly nodded, “You…..still….have...original?”

Lysergic nodded and took out the journal and showed him.

Braincase nodded, “Destroy….it…”

“I will,” Lysergic promised, “but first I’m going to look for something to help you. Hang in, okay?”

But as Lysergic started to get up, Braincase reached out and grabbed a hold of her arm.

“No,” his voice was now getting weaker by the second, “take….the girl….and ..get out…now…take this first…”

Braincase had reached into his pocket and took out a folded piece of paper, then handed it to Lysergic. She unfolded it and saw some numbers were scribbled down.

“What’s this?” she asked.

“A….com…bin…ation,” Braincase explained, “…to…the… Slicer’s room…under….the…bed…take…what’s…in there….and….run…”

“Thanks,” Lysergic said, “but what’s in there?”

Braincase took a deep wheezy breath, as if gathering what strength he had left to answer Lysergic’s question but it wasn’t enough. When he exhaled, he died.

“I’m so sorry, Braincase,” Lysergic softly said, as she reached down to close his eyes, “rest in peace.”

She then stood back up and glanced once more at the piece of paper.

16 Right. 23 Left. 42 Right. The combination to Slicer’s safe. Lysergic recognized those numbers, once again, as being part of Leonard Simm’s obsession back at Santa Rosa.

‘No wonder old Lenny went bonkers,’ Lysergic thought, ‘if these things kept turning up wherever he went too!’

Lysergic sighed, then headed to Slicer’s room to open the safe, wondering what she would find inside. Drugs? Gold? Jewelry? Cash? Or maybe what she really needed, just another chance. If it was another chance, then she figured it would be about her third.

Next: Chap. Thirty-Nine “A Safe Full of Memories”

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