After meeting with the “image experts”, Lysergic Oldham was escorted into a conference room. Already inside, behind a long conference table, sat Mr. Z and Mr. S. Lysergic was wearing her new “look”.

“Well, how do you like it?” Z asked.

Lysergic frowned, “I look like a Joy Girl!” she replied, as she stood before them in a skin tight red leather mini dress, black mesh leggings, and ankle high black leather platform shoes. She was now a brunette, however, a subtle shade of purple was left in by Lysergic’s whiny request.

“Joy Girls are quite common amongst Groogs, are they not?” Z asked.

“Yeah, I guess!!” Lysergic frowned.

“That’s the reason for the way you’re dressed,” Z explained, “you’ll attract the attention of some Groogs, which in turn, will make it easier for you to infiltrate the groups and get information on where the book is located!”

“Oh, so you’re setting me up as a Joy Girl to be abducted and forced to become some Groog gang’s play toy, is that it?!” Lysergic cynically asked.

“Basically, yes!” Z replied.

“Well, either way, this dress itches in places I’d rather not discuss!” Lysergic said, as she wiggled.

“That dress is not all for show,” Z explained, “its made of a polymer fiber that resistant to acids, is flame resistant, and can deflect throwing knives and small caliber bullets.”

“It still feels uncomfortable!” Lysergic replied.

“It will conform to your shape in no time,” Z replied, “so you’ll soon feel much more comfortable!”

Lysergic noticed that Z and S each had a lecherous look upon their face.

“Hey! You two pigs stop your leering!!!” Lysergic stated.

Z and S quickly stopped staring. Z continued the explanation.

“The toes of your shoes are steel re-enforced, so they can be used as a weapon. Now, click your heels twice!”

Lysergic frowned, “Click what?!”

“Your heels!” Z repeated, “click your heels twice. You seem to be an expert on all things old school media, remember when Dorothy clicked the heels of her magic ruby red slippers in “The Wizard of Oz?”

“Oh, yeah!” Lysergic remembered, as she placed her feet together.

“Well, its just like the Wizard of Oz!” Z said.

Lysergic clicked her heels together.

“There’s no place like home! There’s no place like home!!” she giggled.

Suddenly, two sharp blades shot out from the toe tips of her shoes.

“Cool!” Lysergic said.

“So now you can kick or stomp your way out of any situation!” Z smiled, “and under your dress, you will wear a thigh belt that can effectively conceal the .454 Hellsing, as well as a steel wire garrote reel, that can be used for choking and/or decapitation.”

“Under my dress?” Lysergic frowned, “Just sounds like some more things to make me itch!”

“There is also two weight balanced throwing knives, that you will wear under a flesh colored strap on both your ankles. It gives the appearance that you have two knife tattoos. But those “tattoos” will guarantee you’ll hit what you throw at!”

“Wow, all this is what any street girl could only dream of!” Lysergic grinned.

“Precisely,” Z replied, “now come with us, we’ve got one more thing to show you that we think you’ll like!”

Z and S got up and walked to the back of the conference room. S pressed a button and the entire back wall opened up into a garage like room. Sitting in the center of this garage was a shiny, purple colored motorcycle.

“It’s a Paik 923X Thunderbolt,” Z announced, “its got a little more power than your scooter!”

“I’d say,” Lysergic grinned, “and you painted it purple just for me?”

“Just for you!” Z replied, “we want you to portray the image of a “successful” Joy Girl, for the added attention factor. You think you can handle it?”

“Handle the Cycle or being a Joy Girl?” Lysergic asked.

“Both”, Z replied.

“Just try me!” Lysergic seductively smiled, as she casually ran a hand through her long dark hair.

Z and S both lecherously smiled back.

Next: Chap. Seventeen “Final Briefing”

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