It was getting late, as Lysergic Oldham scootered along. She had made the last delivery of the day and was headed home. She turned the corner and slowly pulled up to the front of Linus Drugs. She dismounted and pushed the scooter just inside the door, as Bradley Linus stepped out, smiled, and closed the door behind her, putting out the “Closed. Please Come Again” sign.

Across the street, someone was watching. They had noticed Lysergic ride by and had recognized her. They immediately got on the fiber phone and made a call.

“Ya never guess who I just saw!” a dude with a real long black and white Mohawk said, “that purple haired Bitch, who killed Razor and blinded you! Yeah, she’s over here in Slab Ville. She just went inside this drug store on the corner of Widmore and Hume. Looks like she might live there! Yeah, I’ll hang around and keep watch. You sendin’ over a couple of Joe Boys?! Perfect!! I’ll be here, waitin’!!!”

The punk who called himself Skunk, then ended the call and leaned back against a wall and waited.

Meanwhile, Lysergic and the Linus's had dinner. Afterwards, Lysergic helped Annie clear the table, as Bradley washed the dishes. They all cleaned the kitchen.

It was still early in the evening but Lysergic was tired, so she headed to her room upstairs.

“I’ve got some cake for desert, Lysergic,” Annie called after, “if you want!”

Lysergic smiled, “Sounds good! Maybe later, Annie! Thanks!”

Annie nodded.

Lysergic went up into her room and kicked back on the bed. She listened to the latest download from The Mustard Gas Misfits on her J-Pod! Soon, she began to drift off to a contented sleep.

A few hours later, she was jarred awake by a loud noise from somewhere downstairs! She heard voices! Not Bradley’s or Annie’s, but younger voices. Male voices. Voices that didn’t seem at all friendly.

She heard footsteps coming up the stairs, getting closer and closer to her room! She reacted immediately by reaching under her bed and pulling out the steel baton and the knife. As she held both weapons at the ready, someone was suddenly pounding at her door!

“HEY!! PURPLE HAIRED BITCH!! COME ON OUT!! WE GOT A MESSAGE FOR YOU!!” a harsh voice yelled, from out in the hallway.

Lysergic remained silent.

“OKAY!” the voice continued, “YOU DON’T WANNA COME OUT!! THEN WE’LL COME IN!!!”

Suddenly, Lysergic’s door to her room was pulverized by a thousand steel needles from an automatic Spitter rifle! From the use of the Spitter, Lysergic knew it had to be some Joe Boys outside.

Joe Boys had no particular gang affiliation. Whoever provided the best offer of money, Joy Girls, or any combination thereof to these mercenary punks, would get their temporary loyalty. In fact, if Lysergic had enough money readily available, she could cut a deal with them right now, to turn against whoever had hired them in the first place, but she didn’t, so she knew she had to act fast! Within a fraction of a second, what was left of the door frame to her room was kicked in!

A Joe Boy cautiously came through. Looking like some rabid raccoon, he was wearing typical Joe Boy garb. Black leather trench coat, white skull cap, and jet blue mascara around the eyes.

His groin was immediately met by the end of the 26 inch steel baton, courtesy of Lysergic. He screamed, as fell to the floor, flip-flopping around in pain.

The second Joe Boy, standing just outside, thought the first Joe had just tripped over the door frame.

“You clumsy asshole,” he laughed, as he started to step over him and on into the room, where he suddenly encountered the purple haired girl.

“You looking for me?!” Lysergic asked, as she plunged the knife deep into his chest.

As he fell back, he fired off a blast of two polymer bullet bags from a Sonic Shotgun he was carrying. Both bullet bags missed Lysergic, but punched out two gaping holes through the ceiling of her room!

Lysergic took the baton and finished off Joe Boy One, who was still wiggling around on the floor in pain, by clubbing him to death!

She slowly stepped out into the hall, over Joe Boy Two, reached down and pulled the knife out of his chest, then finished him off by slicing his throat!

As he gargled to death on his own blood, Lysergic cautiously moved down the hall to the top of the stairs. Standing below was someone she quickly recognized, then immediately realized, who had hired these Joe Boys. It was one of the punks out at the Rutherford Street bridge. The one called Skunk!

Skunk glanced up to see Lysergic’s look of recognition, then immediately turned tail and tried to run out the door, but Lysergic took the knife and threw!

Skunk fell! The knife now sticking out his back. Lysergic quickly came down the stairs and immediately saw the bodies of Bradley and Annie Linus. Their throats had been slit!

She quickly ran over and checked, but it was too late. Fighting back the tears and the rage that was building up inside her, she went over to Skunk, pulled the knife out of his back, then flipped him over.

He was moaning, as Lysergic grabbed a hold of the end of his Mohawk.

“Where is he?!” she asked.

“Who?!” Skunk moaned.

“You’re his Bitch, aren’t you?!” Lysergic sneered, “So where is he?! Where’s Skull?!”

“I ain’t telling you a thing, Slut!” Skunk mumbled.

Lysergic took the knife and cut a foot of hair off Skunk’s Mohawk.

“What the F*** ya doin, you stupid Skank!!” Skunk cried out. Lysergic grabbed another foot of his hair.

“You tell me where I can find Skull,” she commanded, “or I’ll keep cutting your precious “Mo”!”

“F*** OFF!!!” Skunk stated.

“Okay, have it your way!” Lysergic smiled, as she started to cut off another foot of his hair!

“NO!!! WAIT!! STOP!!! NO MORE OF THE HAIR!!!” Skunk pleaded, “I’ll tell you! Skull is holed up at a warehouse over at the old Paik Industrial Park! Warehouse 15!”

“Thank you, Pepe LePew!” Lysergic replied, as she took the knife and yanked open his mouth. But before Skunk could utter another word, Lysergic cut out his tongue, then stuffed it down his throat, where he quickly choked to death! She then cut off the remainder of his Mohawk, placing it in her back pocket.

Lysergic methododically wiped off the knife, put it back in her front pocket, went back upstairs to take the Joe Boys’s Spitter rifle and Sonic Shotgun, with some extra polymer bullet bags. Back down stairs, she picked up Bradley’s old shotgun.

Taking the scooter, she glanced back into the store one last time at Bradley and Annie, but she didn’t cry. Crying wouldn’t bring them back, nothing would now.

As Lysergic pulled away, with arsenal in tow, there was only one thing on her mind. Revenge!

Next: Chap. Seven “Punk Party”

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