In the back of a dark and abandoned warehouse, Skull was celebrating! Not only would he soon learn the fate of the purple haired girl, who had blinded him, but now he could see once again!

Skull had been taken, after the fateful encounter that night with the psycho bitch, to a back alley skin grafter, who happened to have a spare night vision insert.

A couple of hours later, after getting his neuro circuitry reattached to a Widmore Industries Optics (WIO) Model 108 “Nightbrite” artificial eye, Skull was back in business and the skin grafter was rewarded with a couple of tubes of Haze and one glorious night with a Joy Girl!

Skull sat on the floor and puffed, then passed around, an Indian peace pipe filled with Banyon Root. He was flanked by a couple of Joe Boys, along with a half dozen Cyber-Gypsies just down from Portland. Over in the corner, a Booter danced with two Joy Girls, who were way out of his league, even for a Booter.

The black smoke from the pipe created an eerie swirling motion, as it hung to the floor, fogging out the surrounding area for several feet. So it took a while for Skull to look up and see that he now had an additional guest at his punk party. An uninvited guest!

Stepping out of the smoke was a pretty girl with long purple hair. Skull, so sure that this purple bitch was now dead, momentarily froze in fear, thinking he was seeing a ghost. A ghost armed to the teeth!

Lysergic Oldham held the automatic Spitter rifle in one arm and the Sonic Shotgun in the other. The old style Shotgun was strapped over her shoulder and the blood gutter knife was hooked under her belt.

She stood and smiled her psychotic smile. Skull couldn’t help it but a chill, once again, ran down his spine.

“You’d better be a ghost from the grave!” Skull remarked, as he slowly stood up. The rest of the group just sat there, too fried to be aware anything was amiss.

“You’ll soon find out!” Lysergic replied, as she fired the Sonic shotgun.

Skull immediately went flying across the floor, as the two polymer bullet bags smashed into his sternum, knocking the breath right out of him!

Thinking this was part of Skull’s planned entertainment for the evening, a few of the partiers clapped! Skull, meanwhile, lay against the far wall, trying to catch his breath.

“This…. is the…. Bitch, who…. was… supposed to… die…. tonight!!!” he managed to cry out, “kill…. her!!! KILL HER!!!!”

The punk partiers were, not surprisingly, confused at first, then the two Joe Boys realized what was happening and immediately sprang into action.

Joe Boy One pulled out a thin, sharp, fiber wire, with a steel ball on the end. He began to swing it over his head, like some lethal lasso.

Lysergic quickly stepped back, dodging the ball, as it swung low over her head, but she simply opened up with the Spitter and surgically sliced off Joe Boy One’s arm! The steel ball, along with Boy One’s arm, went flying across the warehouse floor, leaving a contrail of blood along its flight path!

The newly one armed Boy One, just stood in confusion, as he looked at the stub where his arm had been as if, like some street lizard, a new arm would suddenly re-generate! He then just toppled over, as blood gushed out of his stub!

Joe Boy Two pulled out his own Spitter and opened fire, but Lysergic immediately ran and dropped down behind the Booter and his two Joy Girls, who were neatly sliced in two by the Spitter’s 200 rounds per second steel needles!

However, Boy Two’s Spitter suddenly jammed! Lysergic remained under the cover of the slices of bodies, as she took aim.

CLICK!! CLICK!! Her own Spitter’s needle clip was now empty!

As Boy Two desperately tried to unjam his rifle, Lysergic quickly grabbed Bradley Linus’s old 30.06 shotgun and fired both barrels.

Joe Boy Two’s head exploded like a watermelon dropped from a skyscraper! His headless torso, now engaged in some type of muscular lock down, stood as still as a flesh statue.

Lysergic, now covered with the blood of the Booter and the two Joy Girls, crawled out from under the torsos. As she defensively glanced around, she noticed that the rest of the partiers had hauled ass out of there!

Only Skull remained, still trying to get up off the floor. Lysergic cautiously approached and stood over him.

“You’re supposed to be dead!” he coughed, still trying to catch his breath after the encounter with the polymer bags, “Skunk said you’d be dead!”

Lysergic grinned, “Your Bitch Boy couldn’t make it, but he sent you this!”

Lysergic then pulled out of her back pocket the rest of Skunk’s Mohawk. She held it up like a trophy for Skull to admire.

“Why you F*****G Bitch!!!!” Skull cried out.

“So, you can see again,” Lysergic said.

“Yeah, no thanks to you!” Skull replied.

“Well, I am feeling merciful this evening!” Lysergic giggled, “so I’m not going to let you see yourself die, which is more than what I suspected happened to my family back at the store!”

“W..what are going to!!” Skull stuttered.

“You’ll… find…. out!” Lysergic sing songed, as she took the knife and held it up to Skull’s new artificial eye.

“Look, we can make a deal!!” Skull pleaded, “anything you want! ANYTHING!!!!”

“Okay, here’s the deal!” Lysergic replied.

Skull breathed a slight sigh of relief, thinking he would get out of this alive.

“The deal is…I cut out your new eye!” Lysergic added, as she took the blood gutter knife and inserted it deep between the metal eye and Skull’s eye bone socket and flipped the knife.

Skull screamed, as the eye easily popped out and ricocheted off the back wall.

“YOU BLINDED ME AGAIN!!!” Skull screamed, “YOU……!!!”

But Skull failed to finish his thought, as Lysergic sliced his throat so deeply, she actually decapitated him! Skull’s head rolled off his neck, landing on the floor with a “THUMP!!”

Suddenly, Lysergic heard sirens outside. Someone had called the Cops!!!

She bolted out the back door, quickly grabbed the scooter, then drove down the back row, behind some other abandoned warehouses. As she sped towards a gateway, she glanced back to see two patrol cars closing in!

She knew she wasn’t going to be able to outrun the police, so she hoped to be able to make it past the gate, ditch the scooter, then try to disappear into some back ally street. She figured it was her only chance to escape.

But just as she approached the gate, she suddenly felt the front tire of her scooter blow out! The cops had set out a spiked strip trap.

The scooter flipped, sending Lysergic head over heels! Luckily, she fell into a pile of discarded styro foam that cushioned her fall! Not so luckily, a dozen police officers quickly approached with guns drawn.

“HOLD IT! KEEP YOUR HANDS WHERE WE CAN SEE THEM!!!” Lysergic heard someone yell.

She then felt her arms being pulled back and cuffs being slapped on her wrists!

“You have the right to remain silent! Anything you say can and will be used against you!” she heard her rights being read, as she was pulled to her feet, “you have the right to an attorney. If you cannot afford one, one will be appointed to you. Do you understand these rights, as we have explained them?!”

Lysergic remained silent.

“Well, DO you understand?!” a cop repeated.

“I thought I had the right to remain silent?!” Lysergic answered.

“You do!” the cop answered.

“Then, I’m exercising my rights!” Lysergic noted.

“We just want to know if you understand your rights, as we’ve explained them to you?!” the cop frustratingly replied.

“Well,” Lysergic answered, “if I’m remaining silent, then I must understand!”

“Take this smart ass away!” the cop frustratingly ordered.

Lysergic just smiled, as she was taken away.

Next: Chap. Eight “Lesson Number One”

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