“Give me your hands, darlin,” Richard Malkin requested of Lysergic Oldham.

Lysergic glanced over at Teresa Malkin, who just shrugged at her Grandfather’s remarks.

Lysergic reached out, as Malkin gently took her hands. He then closed his eyes.

Lysergic wasn’t frightened. She had first met Teresa and her Grandfather when she and her boyfriend at the time, Slicer, used to frequent the Malkin’s bar. The Rabbit Hole was the only place who would serve underage runaways. Totally illegal, of course, but Lysergic had always felt welcome there.

She also knew Teresa was a practicing Witch and her Grandfather was a retired Psychic. Malkin had done a reading for Lysergic once before, telling her that exiting new adventures awaited her. (She had to admit he was right about that!).

“Who and what you seek is near,” Malkin mumbled, “very near!”

“Well, that’s good to know!” Lysergic smiled, “saves time, I guess!”

“But the object you seek holds many secrets,” Malkin continued, “many secrets that can be used for good or evil! Secrets now kept in a lighthouse. A lighthouse near!”

Suddenly, Malkin tightened his grip on Lysergic’s hands.

“OWW!” Lysergic grimaced, “you’re hurting me!”

“Grandpa!!” Teresa said, “let go!!”

But Malkin held on, opening his eyes wide.

Lysergic looked deep into his eyes. Dark eyes. Eyes that, Lysergic felt, could drag you in and never let go!

“There is an evil that is watching. Waiting!” Malkin stated with a strange seriousness.

“Grandpa!” Teresa had now come over and was trying to get Richard Malkin to release his grip on Lysergic, “don’t force me to use a spell on you!!”

“Who is this evil and what is it watching and waiting on?!” Lysergic nervously asked.

Malkin then eerily smiled, “Why my dear, sweet, Lysergic. This evil is the Devil himself and he’s watching and waiting for YOU!!!”

Next: Chap. Twenty “Some Pretty Lame Poetry”

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