'Bentley Linus was right,’ Aaron Littleton thought, ‘the name Charlotte Lewis, meant nothing to him’. Sadly, it appeared that she was just another victim of the evil web that the Dharma Iniative always seemed to weave!

“Anyway, Mr. Littleton,” Bentley continued “the data you attempted to uplink to the TTA was effectively destroyed by our de-fezzing system! After your mind is re-programmed and you’re given a new identity, I’ll report to your agency that you never arrived! Wreckage of your hydroplane will be discovered, so it will appear you were killed in an accident! Ms. Lewis’s body will be “mistakenly” cremated and her ashes dumped into the sea, so no further evidence will be available to identify her. Your agency will be agitated, but I hear the TTA is suffering from budget cutbacks, so I strongly doubt they will spend any more funds to send another agent out to snoop around! With that being said, lets get on with the show! Goodbye, Mr. Littleton! Look forward to seeing you at the new member orientation!”

As Bentley’s image dissolved from the screen, the room became dark and the piercing whine and flashing images began once again! Aaron struggled, but to no avail, in an attempt to pull himself free of the straps holding him down into the chair! He tried to re-focus away from the onslaught of over stimulation that burned into his eyes! He felt like his brain had begun to melt, while his memory begin to fade! Suddenly, everything seemed to shut down! At first, Aaron thought it was his mind that had shut down, until he felt someone cutting off the straps and freeing his hands and legs! The goggles were pulled off his eyes and the headphones removed! He was still disoriented and had a severe ringing in his ears, as he was lifted up and out of the chair! Just before he passed out, he heard a voice say, “We’re getting you out of here!” Next: Chap. 22 “Rage”

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