“Thank you, Mr. Linus, uh, Bentley,” Aaron Littleton said, “for the breakfast. But I must begin my investigation. I’d like to see that autopsy report on the girl and obtain the evidence for a positive I.D..” “Yes,” Bentley replied, “I’ll have the cart come back and take you over to the medical center.” Aaron nodded and as he got up to leave, the sea winds blew back his coat, revealing the shoulder holster carrying the Steel Spitter pistol! “Mr. Littleton,” Bentley said, “I notice you’re carrying a gun. Our resort has a strict no weapons policy!” Aaron smiled, “Are you asking me to surrender my weapon?” Bentley Linus looked quizzically at Aaron, “Uh, no Mr. Littleton. I apologize. I’m sure you are fully qualified to carry that weapon. Its just you really don’t need to carry a gun here! This entire island is safe. For all of our members and especially our guests!”

Aaron smiled, “I am qualified and since I’m on official business, I’m required to carry my weapon at all times. I apologize if carrying it startled you and I’ll make sure that no one else knows I’m armed, as long as I’m here in Dharmaville. I give you my word!”

Bentley was silent for a moment. “Then if you give me your word,” Bentley cheerfully replied, “then your word is as good as gold in my book! I’ll call for the cart right now!” Bentley picked up a two-way radio off the table. Aaron instinctively knew any detective’s first rule of survival. Whenever someone told you that you wouldn’t need a gun, you had better have one loaded and ready for action! Next: Chap. 10 “Family History”

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