Aaron Littleton never trusted people who were too polite. In his experience, first as a private detective and now as a TTA agent, he knew that people always operated in their own selfish interests and if someone, especially someone you had just met, acted as if they were so happy to see you well, keep your eyes and ears open and your defenses up! Especially around someone like Bentley Linus!

“I’m so glad to finally meet you,” Bentley exclaimed, “I trust you had pleasant dreams last night?” Bentley motioned for Aaron to have a seat at the table. Aaron nodded and took the seat, “I did dream, Mr. Linus.” “Call me Bentley, please!” Bentley interrupted. Aaron smiled crookedly, “Ok, Bentley. But my dream wasn’t pleasant. Now, I’d like to ask you some questions.” Bentley sat down at the other chair, placing a cloth napkin on his lap, “Yes, Mr. Littleton. Feel free to ask anything. I am here to fully cooperate with the Temporal Time Agency in any way possible.”

“Well, that’s nice to know,” Aaron replied, “do you have the results of the girl’s autopsy?” “Yes, we do!” Bentley replied. “I’ll need to read that report,” Aaron said. “Of course,” Bentley said, “our Medical director, Dr. Pearson Oldham, who performed the autopsy, has a copy of the report and is keeping the body in cold storage.” “Have you identified her?” Aaron asked. “Not yet,“ Bentley answered, “we have run her fingerprints and dental tracings and scanned her face through two databases but to no avail.”

Aaron nodded, “I’ll run a scan on the girl myself, then uplink the results through a TTA database, which is more comprehensive and may reveal a match.” “Yes, of course,” Bentley replied. “So you are certain,” Aaron asked, “that she was not a resort guest or one of your employees?” Bentley frowned, “No, Mr. Littleton! No one knows who she was! It was like she just…….she just…..” Bentley tried to search for the proper words. “Dropped from the sky?” Aaron asked. Bentley nodded, “Yes, Mr. Littleton. Like she just dropped from the sky, which from what I know so far, that is exactly what she did!” Next: Chap. 9 “The First Rule”

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