Aaron Littleton awoke wearily the next morning. He quickly got dressed and took a leather shoulder holster out of his overnight case and put it on under his coat. The holster carried a .458 Steel Spitter pistol. With the Spitter snugly in place, he exited room 23 and stepped out of the barracks into the bright sunshine. Waiting for him was the pretty “seductress first class” in a golf cart with a DHARMA insignia painted on its side. “You ever sleep?” he sarcastically asked. She smiled her vapid smile, “I’ve been instructed to take you to Mr. Linus, sir. He’s requested you have breakfast with him down by the beach, sir. If you would just hop aboard, sir. I will take you to him, sir!”

Aaron rolled his eyes. ‘This girl is gonna drive me nuts’ he thought. He hopped in and away they went down the asphalt path that snaked its way through the jungle on into Dharmaville. Along the way, Aaron got to see a variety of “Dhamanites” in action. All were dressed in tan jumpsuits with various patches on their shoulders or chest. Each apparently had a specific job to perform. They all reminded Aaron of worker ants, mindlessly performing their tasks at hand for the good of the colony. The mindless “seductress” apparently appointed herself, or was instructed to act as, a tour guide.

“We are very proud of the work we do here, sir,” she intoned. “What work do you do?” Aaron asked. “Why sir,” she replied, “we provide the best environment for our guests to relax. There are a variety of services we provide to keep our guests entertained and informed. We have one of the largest five star rated hotels in existence! Our amusement park is rated one of the top ten in the world! Our underwater exhibit provides guests the opportunity to learn by getting up close to the local sea life! Our Dharma dolphins put on one of the best shows around! The island’s natural healing properties provide the ability to help heal the sick and infirm, who flock here from around the world for treatment!

If one is interested in the paranormal, one can travel to the “Whispers” section of the island and record the voices or possibly even be able to take a picture of or even converse with a ghost! And our Zoo has a great variety of animals, which makes it one of the best in the world!” Aaron smiled, “Yes, I’m very interested in your zoo! Did you know the girl who was found dead there?” “Oh, I’m sorry sir,” the seductress said, “I’m not at liberty to discuss that, sir!” Aaron nodded, “Yeah, I figured! How long have you been here?” The seductress grinned, “All my life, sir. I was born here!” “Have you ever left this island?” Aaron inquired. For the first time the girl stopped smiling and gave Aaron a surprised look. “Why would I ever want to leave, sir” she replied, “everything I could ever want or need is here!” Aaron was amused.

The cart soon turned off the asphalt path and onto a white sand beach. Up ahead was a bright white tent, housing a long table with two chairs. The table was decked out with a wide variety of exotic foods. A thin man with short dark hair and slightly bulging eyes, who was sitting at the table, stood up and approached the cart which quickly came to a stop. “Here you are, sir,” the seductress announced. Aaron stepped out of the cart, as the girl quickly sped away. The thin man approached, “Good morning, Mr. Littleton,” he nasally said, “I’m Bentley Linus. Welcome to Dharmaville!” Next: Chap. 8 “Breakfast with Bentley”

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