A dark fog surrounded Aaron Littleton! He was disorientated and lost! He couldn’t breath! He took a few steps. The ground was damp and soggy. He could hear the distant sounds of screeching birds and the croaking of tree frogs. There was also another noise! A strange, rattling sound! Aaron turned around and suddenly saw her! A young, pretty blonde girl with deep blue eyes! “Hello, Aaron,“ she sweetly said. Aaron couldn’t believe it! Claire Littleton, his mother, stood before him! “Listen to me! I haven’t much time!“ Claire said, “beware of false, dark thoughts!” Aaron tried to speak but couldn’t! Suddenly, a streak of black smoke snatched Claire! She screamed!

Aaron suddenly jumped out of the bed! He was drenched in sweat and still disoriented but quickly realized he was in the “guest” room still on the island! Earlier his escort, the “seductress first class,” had lead him to a barracks and directed him to room 23. The room inside was rather barren. Aaron figured they didn’t want to make him too comfortable. He knew he wasn’t welcome here but that was okay with him. The sooner he could get the facts, file his report and get out, the better! Even though he had just arrived in the middle of the night and had virtually seen nothing of the resort, the place still gave him the creeps!

He had sent the “seductress” on her way, despite her protests to the contrary. He decided he would try and get some rest. No use sneaking about since they knew he had arrived. As he lay in bed, he felt he was being watched. He figured the room was bugged. He remembered drifting off to sleep. Then the nightmare! He hadn’t thought of his mother in years. She had died in an insane asylum many years ago.* Growing up, he had learned bits and pieces about her past. How she had survived a plane crash on an island while pregnant with him. That she had given birth to him on that island. An island very much like the one he was on now. An island that also had been inhabited by the original Dharma Iniative. How she had a mental breakdown, while on that island, but was miraculously rescued and returned with other survivors, only to go totally insane and kill, in cold blood, the woman who had helped raise him.* It was all so sad.

Years later, after becoming a detective, he thought about looking into more detail about his mother’s life but had decided not to. Some things were just better off being left alone. ‘But why dream of her now?’ he wondered, ‘what was she trying to tell me? Beware of false, dark thoughts? What the hell was that supposed to mean?’ He decided not to dwell on the dream and try to get back to sleep, however impossible that now seemed! Next: Chap. 7 “Welcome to Dharmaville”

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