It was 23 hours, 42 minutes Oceanic time, when he reached the outskirts of Dharmaville. Aaron Littleton eased back on the throttle, as the Hydroplane approached the docking bays of the big island. Bentley Linus, the resort’s director, had been informed that Aaron would arrive in the morning but that was a planned distraction. Aaron wanted to arrive by cover of night. He wanted no greeting party.

He knew DeGroot didn’t want him snooping about, which meant there was probably something they didn’t want the Temporal Time Agency to see. That was why he chose not to confirm Ms. DeGroot’s suspicions about a time slit. TTA satellite surveillance did reveal that an electro-magnetic pulse had occurred over their island on the night in question. Time Travel was now highly regulated and licensed. Limited to only scientific and/or historical research. So if there were any reports of a breach in the time/fate continuum, by any unauthorized travelers, agents of the TTA had to investigate.

Aaron knew Dharma had, many years ago, been pioneers in time travel research. But due to their staff refusing to cooperate with government investigations into their mysterious and illegal activities, the organization was effectively shut down.* However, over the years, many of the original Dharma member’s descendents had re-founded, re-funded, and re-organized Dharma into a very profitable enterprise. One project, that proved to be very profitable, was opening up a special island to the public and building a tourist resort they named Dharmaville.

Aaron now eased the Hydroplane into one of Dharmaville's docking ports. He quietly hopped up onto the dock deck. The dock appeared deserted. Suddenly, a voice from behind! "Welcome, sir!" the soft female voice said. Aaron quickly turned around! Before him stood a beautiful brunette! "You startled me!" Aaron replied. The girl grinned absently. "Sir, we have been expecting you to arrive much later!" "Yeah," Aaron mumbled, "good tailwind! So I got here sooner. You been waiting all this time?" The girl kept grinning stupidly, "Yes, sir! I am to greet you and make you as comfortable as I can, sir! Until Mr. Linus can meet with you, sir! 'Man,' thought Aaron, 'she must be a dead head clone! Sure has a way of getting on my nerves!'

She turned and walked down the dock toward shore. Aaron followed. “Do you have any luggage, sir?” she monotonely asked. Aaron nodded, “back in the plane.” “I’ll have it delivered, sir!” she replied. “Where are we going?” he asked. The girl kept walking. “To a special guest room set up just for your visit, sir” she answered, “I’ve been instructed to provide you with anything you may require, sir!” “What is your official title here, miss?” Aaron asked. The girl glanced over, “Why, sir,” she replied, “I’m a seductress first class!” Aaron smiled, ‘Yeah,’ he thought, ‘they’re hiding something all right!’ Next: Chap 6 “False Dark Thoughts"

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