Bentley Linus paced nervously around his office. He hated snoops and one was on the way! He privately cursed Kristin DeGroot for giving in so quickly and reporting the girl's death. The last thing Dharmaville needed, he thought, was some stupid bureaucratic detective poking his nose around. Not now. Not ever! The pressure was on! He had to make sure that any "non-incriminating" data, pertaining to the girl's death, would be easily accessible, so this "detective" could quickly wrap up the investigation and just go away. Bentley would protect Dharmaville at all costs, just like his father had once tried to do so long, long ago! But Bentley knew, unlike his father had, that he would succeed!

He had spent too much time and energy helping to re-build Dharma into an organization that was now as strong as ever! Even more so! The future of the world depended upon them and Bentley Linus was determined to see that their new project succeed! 'No one,' Bentley thought, 'absolutely no one will ever harm Dharma again! I will see to that!' Suddenly, there was a knock at the door. "Come in!" Bentley called out.

In walked a thin man wearing thick, rounded glasses. "Ah, Dr. Oldham," Bentley said, "do you have the autopsy results on the girl?" Pearson Oldham nodded, "Yes, its all in these files." Oldham handed a folder to Bentley, who spent a few minutes reading over the files. "Are you sure these results are accurate?" Bentley asked. Oldham nodded. "As for the girl's identity," Bentley said, "this can't be right! Can it?!" Oldham frowned, "I've scanned her face into the historical database. 95.8% chance it is her!" "Dammit Oldham!" Bentley yelled, "the girl's identity cannot, under any circumstances, be revealed! Especially to that Time Cop on his way here! You understand me, Doctor?!" Oldham nodded.

Bentley started to pace the floor once again. "Okay. Okay. Let me think. Uh, do you remember from Dharma history, how they used to use a special room for some of their psychological experiments on the old island?" "Yes," Oldham replied, "now that you mention it, I do!" Bentley smiled, "I'd like you to set up a new room and get it operational. Could you do it within 24 hours?" "Sure," Oldham smiled eagerly, "you want it fully replicated?" Bentley nodded, "every little feature!" Oldham grinned evilly then left. Bentley himself slightly grinned. He had decided to make their coming visitor very "comfortable" in the new room 23! Next: Chap. 5 "Night Arrival"

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