The cart, carrying Aaron Littleton and Skate Austen, rushed along! The sky had turned black! All around them, lightning struck the ground! Trees and jungle brush were torn from their roots, as the vortex continued its deadly expansion!

Finally reaching the Dharmaville docks, Aaron breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that the Hydroplane was still docked where he had left it! Skate braked the cart! Aaron opened the Hydroplane’s canopy and helped Skate strap herself into the passenger seat, then quickly strapped himself into the pilot’s seat!

“Hope it’ll still start!” he said, switching on the power and pressing the starter! The engines whined to life! Aaron and Skate glanced at each other and smiled, as he reversed the thrusters and backed away from the dock. Powering up the forward thrusters, the Hydroplane sped away! As they soared just above the waves, Skate looked back to see Dharmaville island disappear into the expanding ebony mass! “Will it eventually stop expanding?!” Skate nervously asked. Aaron shrugged, “For all our sakes, I hope so!” Next: Chap. 42 “Epilogue”

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