Aaron Littleton and Skate Austen ran down the darkened vent in search of an exit! The entire vent system was buckling around them! Suddenly, up ahead they could see a light! As they approached, they discovered it was an escape point! They quickly climbed up, pried off the cover, and crawled out onto the surface! The entire island was now quaking!

“Where to?!” Skate nervously asked. “Only chance we have is to head toward the docks!” Aaron replied, “if we’re lucky, Dharma hasn’t destroyed the Hydroplane!” “A cart’s over there!” Skate said, “lets jet!” As they pulled away, shots suddenly zipped by their heads! Glancing back, they saw a crazed Bentley Linus wildly firing in their direction! Skate floored the cart’s accelerator! Aaron took the Spitter and aimed at Bentley’s head, but before he could make the kill shot, the vortex sprang from where the bunker had been and began to drag everything into its dark center! Bentley glanced back at the ever expanding swirl, dropped his rifle, and tried to make a run toward Aaron and Skate’s cart!

“Stop! Please help me!” he pathetically cried out! Skate looked over to Aaron. “Don’t even consider it!” he said. Aaron glanced back once more. The vortex was just about to overtake Bentley! Only for one second did Aaron consider shooting Bentley, to spare him the pain of death the swirling vortex would soon provide! But that consideration quickly passed! He did note that Bentley had a calm look on his face, as the blackness swallowed him up! Aaron figured he had, at that precise final moment, accepted his place in hell! Next: Chap. 41 “Escape from Dharmaville”

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