He was scheduled that morning to meet with Kristen DeGroot, President and CEO of Dharma Iniative Inc., an organization which owned and operated Dharmaville, one of the most successful vacation resorts located on an island in the Indian Ocean. He now sat across from DeGroot in her expansive office.

"You reported some type of breach at one of your facilities?" he began. "Yes," DeGroot quickly answered, "as I have originally reported to your agency, two of our security guards reported the discovery of a young woman's body in the Polar bear exhibit of our zoo." "Have you identified who she was?" he asked. "No," DeGroot replied, "not yet." "Well, Ms. DeGroot," he said, "how do you know this wasn't an accidental death, a suicide, or maybe even a murder? Why not contact Worldpol? Why contact us? What makes you think there was a breach in the time/fate continuum?" DeGroot stared out the window at the drizzle, "one of our guards reported a strange sound and a flash of purple light near the exhibit, just prior to the discovery of the body. Those are common occurances just before a time slit opens, is it not?"

He didn't respond to her question. "As I'm sure you are aware," he began, "according to the Worldpol International Amendment of 2035, any mysterious death on a private enterprise, located in international waters, requires an autopsy. Has an autopsy on the woman been performed and do you have the results?" DeGroot sighed, "Yes, a preliminary autopsy has been completed but I don't have the results yet. I expect that info within 24 hours."

"Well, in the mean time," he said, "I will continue my investigation at Dharmaville. I trust your employees will be as cooperative as you have been, as I further look into this unfortunate incident." "Yes, of course," DeGroot replied, "but I can send you the results of the report as soon as I receive it. I'd hate for you to waste time traveling to Dharmaville, when I can eventually provide you with all the information you'll need for your inquiry!" "Thank you," he replied, but I think I need to continue my 'inquiry', as you call it, at your resort!"

DeGroot frowned, "I have followed the law and have reported what we suspect is a breach. But remember, we are still a private organization and as such, we do have privacy rights!" "Of course you do!" he replied, as he got up to leave.

Many years ago, when he was a private detective, he had dealt with the Dharma Iniative on a seperate case.* It had almost gotten him killed, so Aaron Littleton instinctively knew that if he wasn't careful, his life could be in danger once again! Next: Chap. 4 "A New Room"

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