Dr. Pearson Oldham breathed a sigh of relief, as the doors closed and he could feel the lifting of the elevator, as it creaked slowly up the shaft. It would be only a matter of minutes before he reached the surface and made his escape! Suddenly, the elevator stopped! Oldham pressed the button! Nothing! The elevator began to shake and he could hear a grinding, scraping sound of metal on metal! The elevator itself began to buckle! Oldham kept pressing the button as a panic set in! And he kept pressing that button, as the elevator began to implode! Oldham’s blood flowed down the shaft, as he was slowly crushed to death!

Meanwhile, Bentley Linus staggered his way to the air vent, in pursuit of Aaron Littleton and Skate Austen! There was now an eerie black glow that had started to swirl around JACOB’s monolithic memory column! As Bentley stood near the vent, he glanced up to see JACOB’s cycloptic crimson eye glow in his direction! “Bentley!” JACOB’s still calm, monotone voice called out. Maybe out of habit or maybe out or curiosity, Bentley answered JACOB for the last time!

“What is it!” he cried out. Bentley noticed JACOB’S cycloptic crimson eye was quickly fading, as the entire memory column began to collapse into the eerie, rapidly expanding darkness! As JACOB’s voice faded, Bentley heard him say, “There is a 100 per cent certainty of your imminent death!” Next: Chap. 40 “Vortex”

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