“SYSTEM FAILURE! SYSTEM FAILURE! SYSTEM FAILURE!” JACOB continued to cry out, as the entire bunker began to shake more and more violently! The hum of the source below was now deafening! Aaron Littleton and Skate Austen quickly escaped back into the vent! “Bentley!” Dr. Pearson Oldham cried, “we’ve got to get out of here!” Bentley Linus ignored him, as he moved over to the control levers, that regulated the power source to JACOB, and pushed them even further forward! “You stupid fool!” Oldham screamed, “you’re going to kill us all!”

Oldham leaped up and tried to push Bentley away from the console but was slapped back down onto the floor! “No one, absolutely no one, is ever going to stop me!!” Bentley maddeningly cried out. The bunker’s steel ceiling beams began to buckle in! The walls began to crack and crumble! “SYSTEM IMPLOSION IMMINENT! SYSTEM IMPLOSION IMMINENT!"! JACOB warned!

“You can stay and die but I’m getting out!” Oldham said, as he headed to the elevator! Bentley glanced back but let him go! He was unimportant now, but Bentley did realize the project was now over and immediately an anger surged within! He needed to get to the source of this failure and eliminate it! Just as soon as he caught up to them, he would kill Aaron Littleton and Skate Austen! Next: Chap. 39 “Metal on Metal”

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