While Bentley Linus and Dr. Pearson Oldham concentrated on the subliminal transmissions, the wire cover of the air vent, located behind the memory tower, was silently removed. Aaron Littleton and Skate Austen quickly exited the vent and took up positions behind the two smaller data bank columns on their left. Thomas Rom stepped out of the vent and moved behind the main tower, in order to locate the extension slot and insert the virus.

“We now have full power!” they heard Oldham say. “Full Broadcast radius!” JACOB reported. “What’s keeping Rom?!” Aaron whispered to Skate. Skate shrugged. Suddenly, the bunker’s elevator doors opened. Two Dharma security guards stepped out with guns drawn! “What the hell is going on!” Bentley screamed, “we’re in the middle of the project!” “Sir!” the first guard replied, “we’ve just had a firefight on the surface with two apparent Karma Imperative members dressed in Dharma uniforms! We managed to take them out but we also discovered our own two guards incapacitated and the air vent cover up ground has been removed! We suspect a breach!” “Then take care of it, idiot!” Bentley yelled, turning his attention back to the console.

Suddenly, JACOB’s monotone voice pierced the air! “SYSTEM INTRUSION! SYSTEM INTRUSION!” Aaron and Skate, at that instant, knew Rom had successfully inserted the virus! Bentley immediately scanned the controls. “Oldham!” he yelled, “tell me what is going on!” Oldham checked the readouts, “appears to be a logic center circuit architecture interruption!” “Speak English to me, you moron!” Bentley screamed. Oldham glanced up with a look of fear on his face, “A virus is destroying JACOB!” Next: Chap. 37 “Destiny”

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