“Power source normal. No anomalies!” Dr. Pearson Oldham called out. “Very well,” Bentley Linus answered, “JACOB! Final systems report!” “All systems normal,” JACOB’s monotone voice replied, “awaiting your command!” “Begin transmission!” Bentley commanded, as he threw two silver switches, located on the main control console, over to the ‘on’ positions!

Oldham pushed the control levers, that regulated the island’s power source to JACOB, slowly forward. The hum below grew marginally louder. The bunker slightly vibrated. “Signal Transmitting!” JACOB reported, “25% broadcast radius and expanding!” “Power at 50%” Oldham replied, “and increasing!” Bentley paced the floor! “Power at 75%!” Oldham reported. “50% broadcast radius and expanding!” JACOB replied.

The subliminal signal would soon reach worldwide status and the population’s thought process will soon be under its control. Then a new series of broadcasts would begin! A series featuring a new psychology! A new philosophy! The world would soon adhere to this new thought process and, within this process, begin to embrace and admire its new leader! A new leader, not just of an organization, or an island, or even a country! This new leader was of the world! There was soon going to be a new man in charge and his name was Bentley Linus! Next: Chap. 36 “The Best Laid Plans…”

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