Thomas Rom instructed the other two Karma Imperative members to stand guard while he, Aaron Littleton, and Skate Austen approached the air vent. “Don’t know who we’ll find down there,” Rom said to Aaron and Skate, “but you two provide cover while I insert the virus!” "Ladies, first!” Aaron smiled. Skate nodded, as she pried off the vent cover, then jumped down the vent! Aaron and Rom quickly followed!

Down. Down. Down. They slid! Until finally coming to a soft thud on the inside of a wire cover, looking out into the main computer room of the underground bunker. Exactly where they needed to be! They could hear the low hum of the source that provided power to JACOB. They could also hear something else! “Someone is here!” Rom whispered, “I can hear talking!” All three strained to try and pick up who was talking and what they were saying.

“Its Linus!” Skate whispered. Rom pressed his face close to the wire cover to try and see who else was there! “I can see someone else over by the power controls!” he said, “yeah, its Oldham! Looks like we’re just in time! Alright, we’ll make this fast! While they’re distracted, we’ll quietly take off this wire cover. You keep me covered and I’ll sneak around behind the memory tower and insert the virus!” “How long before the virus takes effect?” Aaron asked. “Once inserted," Rom replied, "it’ll be only a matter of moments!” “Then what?” Aaron asked. Rom smiled, “Then we get the hell out of there!” Next: Chap. 35 “A New Man in Charge”

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