Two Dharma security carts rapidly approached the guard station just outside the elevator entrance that led to the underground bunker! As the carts came to a sudden stop, a Dharma guard slowly approached. He gave the occupants in both carts the once over!

“What’s all this about?!” he suspiciously asked. Thomas Rom, dressed as a Dharma security driver answered, “We’ve caught the TTA agent and Skate Austen! We figured Bentley would want to know! Heard he was down in the bunker!” A second Dharma guard walked up, “You’ve got Ms. Austen?!” he excitedly said. Rom nodded, “In the back of the other cart! Why? You know her?!” The second guard smiled, “Sure do! From the medical center!”

The second guard walked back to the second cart where, in the back seat, sat a handcuffed Skate Austen along with a handcuffed Aaron Littleton! “Hello, Ms. Austen!” the second guard said. Skate glanced up. “Hello, Leo!” she replied. “I think its all been a mistake!” Leo said, “I don’t think you are any type of spy!” Skate smiled. “Thanks, Leo,” she said, “but do you want to know a secret?” Leo nodded. “Then let me whisper it to you,” she replied. As Leo leaned in, Skate whispered, “You’re wrong, Leo! I AM a spy!”

Suddenly, Skate pulled both hands out of the faux handcuffs and slugged Leo hard across the face! As Leo fell to the ground, Thomas Rom pulled a graphite baton from under the cart seat and raked it across the back of the first guard’s head! Aaron quickly disposed of his set of faux handcuffs and helped Skate drag Leo into a ditch by the side of the path. Rom had the two other Karma members take care of the first guard. “Check for the keys to the elevator!” Rom ordered. “Can’t find any!” one of the Karma members called out. “Leo doesn’t have any keys on him, either!” Skate said. “Damn!” Rom replied.

Skate ran back to the other cart and reached into a bag that had been loaded into the back and pulled out some automatic rifles, along with Aaron’s Steel Spitter handgun! “Here!” she said, tossing the gun over to Aaron, who quickly caught it! “Where’d you find this?” he asked. “Took it off one of the guards outside room 23!” Rom answered, “figured you’d like it back!” Aaron nodded. “Okay,” Rom began, “I knew this wouldn’t be easy! So we’ll have to go in the hard way!” “And what way is that?!” Aaron asked. Rom pointed to an area, just behind the bunker’s elevator entrance, where an air vent protruded out of the ground. “Looks like we take a little slide ride!” he said. Next: Chap. 34 “Down Underground”

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